Top 10 reasons your eCommerce site will fail during peak periods

Read more about the common causes of performance issues to further prevent bottlenecks and outages during your e-commerce site’s peak periods.

Analyst Report

The Many Faces of Advanced Operations Analytics

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is a leading industry analyst firm that provides deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies. EMA analysts leverage a unique combination of practical experience, insight into industry best practices, and in-depth knowledge of current and planned vendor solutions to help EMA’s clients achieve their goals.

In this research report, EMA details the findings of their research on Advanced Operations Analytics as both a product offering and an emerging, transformational market.

This study shows the vast impact of Advanced Operations Analytics (AOA) across multiple verticals including finance/banking/insurance, manufacturing, transportation, and high technology software. AOA was also found to support multiple use cases, including DevOps, cloud, and many roles across IT, business planning and online operations.

Read the report to see why EMA states, “AOA investments can and should be viewed as at least potentially transformative—far beyond just the cliché.”

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