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Harvard Business Review analytic services: Using real-time data to drive deep customer loyalty

App performance and customer loyalty have become inseparable in the digital age. Find out how top companies deliver app experiences that drive customer loyalty in this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services study.

Today’s consumers are empowered and their expectations are high. To win their loyalty, organizations must deliver exceptional experiences across every customer touchpoint—including websites and mobile apps.

In this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services study you’ll learn what the most successful companies are doing differently in terms of how they assess and improve their customer experience (CX) apps.

You’ll discover:

  • How app performance, customer experience, and brand loyalty are inextricably linked
  • Why real-time access to CX performance data is the key to greater customer loyalty
  • How leading companies like IKEA use real-time app metrics to improve the customer experience

Download the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report today to discover research-based best practices for optimizing the digital customer experience.


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Application environments have exploded in complexity, making them too dynamic for IT teams to manage manually. Read this report to learn how organizations are leveraging AI to help manage the volume of data within the IT ecosystem.

This report will also dive into:

  • Current enterprise approaches to managing complex application environments
  • How AI is used to reduce complexity in IT ecosystems
  • The risks of failing to adopt an AIOps mindset

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