Top 10 reasons your eCommerce site will fail during peak periods

Read more about the common causes of performance issues to further prevent bottlenecks and outages during your e-commerce site’s peak periods.

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Seven steps to start your DevOps initiative

Read this Gartner Report to understand the technical and human factors to elevate your DevOps initiative

Generate the velocity your company needs to transform itself with the Gartner Report, Seven Steps to Start Your DevOps Initiative. In it you’ll learn the rationale behind DevOps and access prescriptive guidelines to accelerate your company’s specific DevOps effort.

The report confirms that:

  • Human considerations are as critical to DevOps success as IT metrics and automation
  • DevOps serves the business needs, not just focusing on the tools and methods
  • Demonstrating DevOps value and proof of concept should start small

Download the entire report now for a detailed analysis covering the multiple options your business should consider to achieve a successful DevOps program.

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