AppDynamics + Cisco Workload Optimization Manager: Intelligent Infrastructure Resourcing

Right-size your infrastructure in real-time: dynamically scale your instance with AppDynamics and Cisco’s integrated workload optimization solution. Bridge your applications and infrastructure today.

What Is Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM)?

Application Performance Management + Application Infrastructure Resource Management

AppDynamics, when combined with CWOM, delivers automated infrastructure resource allocation based on the performance of business-critical applications. Whether you’re on-premises, in hybrid cloud, or in cloud-native architectures, this integrated solution ensures your application always has the resources it needs to perform flawlessly and cost-effectively ⁠— protecting your revenue and the customer experience.

Intelligent infrastructure scaling: Get deep infrastructure resource analytics

Manual infrastructure scaling to meet resource demands is slow and complex, which causes guesswork, and makes it hard to connect application outcomes with infrastructure design.

CWOM provides a full view of your entire infrastructure to your IT operations ⁠— right from the business applications all the way down to individual data centers ⁠— so you know exactly what infrastructure and cloud resources are contributing to resource restrictions and response time.

Application-aware provisioning: Take decisive action in real-time

There’s little point in scaling resources if your app isn’t performing well. Over-provisioning isn’t just costly ⁠— it actually fails to eliminate performance issues.

Using a multitude of metrics around application performance and business transaction health, CWOM automatically delivers precise, application-aware capacity recommendations for each layer of the technology stack. See the exact data used to make those decisions ⁠— in real-time ⁠— and automate workload optimization to guarantee flawless, cost-effective performance without service interruption.

Continuous infrastructure optimization: Measure and validate workload optimization

What about optimizing infrastructure and costs over time while ensuring you deliver world-class customer experiences? This can be challenging and risky when you don’t know how resourcing actions impacted response time.

CWOM validates all resourcing actions and spend allocation by confirming a positive impact, or suggesting further remediation, to ensure you never have to worry about adding extra capacity to absorb unexpected spikes in traffic.

Ensure app performance and operational efficiency

Understand your app resource needs at every layer. Use machine intelligence to drive automated resourcing decisions on-prem and in the public cloud. Continuous optimization matches application resource demands to the underlying infrastructure.

Correlated data for a common view

You now have confidence that your applications have continuous access to the IT resources they need to perform, whether they reside on premises or in a public cloud.

In the cloud?

Transform your digital and physical infrastructure from reactive to proactive with AppDynamics + Cisco Intersight Workload Optimization (IWO), the leading solution for hybrid cloud environments.

"With the parameters we laid out in the PoV, we learned a lot. We are excited to expand Cisco Workload Optimization Manager capabilities in a full production environment, which we plan will go live in the coming months. But based on what we’ve seen so far, we expect a significant return on investment in approximately a year and a half, as a result of software licensing efficiencies and improved hardware distribution."

Filipe Frasquilho, Business Development Manager at IP Telecom

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