Amazon RDS Monitoring

Monitor RDS instance and database performance in real-time

Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS) is the database as a service (DBaaS) offering from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows customers to configure, operate, and scale a database in the cloud. AWS RDS is built on isolated database environments called DB instances which users can create and modify using the AWS Management Console or Amazon RDS API operation. Six different types of database engines are currently available via RDS, including: Amazon Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL

Because the AppDynamics Database Monitoring solution employs a remote-based monitoring technique to collect performance metrics (i.e., no install or change on the database host), it can support all databases offered via RDS. These metrics include CPU utilization, read/write latency, and replication lag enable DBAs to ensure the availability and performance of DB instances, read replicas, and cluster endpoints.

Deep visibility into RDS statistics

Discover the root cause quickly and resolve costly performance problems with real-time visibility into the Amazon RDS server via metrics collected from Amazon CloudWatch.

Historical Amazon RDS performance trends

Analyze data and receive alerts based on the server trends documented over time by Amazon RDS monitoring. Use this information to proactively tune performance to improve resource efficiency and optimize end user experiences.

SQL drilldown

Quickly troubleshoot issues with a one-click analysis that displays details of the SQL statement and execution plan.

View Amazon RDS objects

Gain a holistic view of your Amazon RDS database objects. Display current Amazon RDS configuration parameters, properties, and information related to database objects.

Comprehensive performance reports

Visualize important information, like historical reporting of time series comparisons and top SQL reports to make data-driven decisions about your Amazon RDS servers.

"The ability to trace a transaction visually and intuitively through the interface was a major benefit that AppDynamics delivered. "

Heather Abbott
Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq

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