Scala Application Performance Monitoring


Complex Scala web applications often contain frustrating blind spots and mysterious, recurring problems. The AppDynamics platform provides real-time visibility into how your applications perform. Our solutions enable you to find the root cause of code bottlenecks in seconds – all with minimal overhead even in the most complex production environments – and benefit from:

Visualization and monitoring of all your JVM dependencies

Real-time monitoring of JVM performance, health, and exceptions

Cross-JVM visibility for monitoring of distributed transactions

The ability to troubleshoot Scala code in minutes

Automatically visualize and map JVM application dependencies

The AppDynamics platform automatically detects and maps all the tiers that interact with, and service, your Scala application, providing immediate drill-down to complete code-level diagnostics when needed.

Monitor JVM health and performance

Understand the health of your JVM with key Java tuning and profiling metrics, including: response times, throughput, exception rate, garbage collection time, code deadlocks and more. This information may also be correlated with key host health metrics such as CPU, memory, and disk I/O – all within the same UI

Distributed business transaction tracing

AppDynamics Java application monitoring automatically tags, traces, and learns the normal behavior of distributed transactions across your JVMs, providing simple intuitive views of how distributed business transactions execute and where bottlenecks exist.

Supported Frameworks

The AppDynamics platform supports the most popular Scala frameworks including: TypeSafe Reactive Platform

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