Sybase IQ Monitoring


The AppDynamics Database Monitoring product module for Sybase IQ is a comprehensive 24x7 deep-dive tool used to monitor version 15 and higher of Sybase IQ columnar databases running on any platform.

SAP IQ (formerly Sybase IQ) is a large-scale, relational database server designed to optimize business intelligence, data warehousing, and big data analytics solutions in a cost-effective manner. It works with popular operating systems, including a wide range of Unix and Linux distributions, and commodity hardware. Encapsulated within a grid architecture, IQ’s column-based store technology enables ad-hoc analysis, speed compression, and high scalability without additional tuning. It comes with an application services framework, in-database analytics, client APIs, and an extensibility framework to embed analytics within the database. Because SAP IQ uses an open architecture, it enables a wide variety of popular commercial and open-source BI and data integration tools to be certified in the platform. Moreover, SAP IQ is a key component of SAP’s end-to-end BI software stack, as well as a fundamental part of SAP's In-Memory Data Fabric Architecture and Data Management Platform.vers.

Deep visibility into Sybase IQ performance

Get to the root cause quickly and resolve costly performance problems with real-time visibility into transaction activity, cache hit rates, access types, and other performance counters in any Sybase IQ server throughout your organization.

View Sybase IQ objects

Gain a holistic view of your Sybase IQ objects with full visibility and correlation with SQL execution plans that display current Sybase IQ configuration parameters, properties, and information related to database objects including configuration values.

Historical Sybase IQ instance performance trends

Analyze and alert based on Sybase IQ server performance trends over time, and use this information to proactively tune performance to improve resource efficiency and optimize the end-user experience.

Comprehensive performance reports

Visualize important information – like historical reporting of time series comparisons, and top SQL reports – to make data-driven decisions about your Sybase IQ servers.

SQL drilldown

Quickly troubleshoot issues with one-click SQL statement analysis that displays details of the SQL statement and SQL execution plan.

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