Derby Performance Monitoring


Derby is a full-stack framework used to author real-time, collaborative applications. Built with Express.js, Derby uses an MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture that comes with Racer, a powerful data synchronization engine that automatically syncs data among servers, databases, and browsers and natively supports conflict resolution. In addition to Racer, Derby offers myriad tools to handle such tasks as data binding, routing, and template rendering, among others. All of these features run the same code, regardless of whether they are running on the server or in a browser, so that no code duplication is necessary. Derby adheres to Node.js conventions and can use popular socket libraries and databases, including MongoDB, Google’s BrowserChannel, Stylus, LESS, UglifyJS, and Express.js.

With the AppDynamics platform you can monitor, troubleshoot and diagnose performance issues in your Node.js applications built on the Derby framework – in real time, and in production.

Process wide snapshots

Understand which functions are blocking the event loop and maxing out CPU with a call graph of all executing functions within the Node.js process that executed.

Custom match / exclude rules 

Choose which business transactions are most important for you to monitor and include or exclude them from view in real-time.

Database / NoSQL visibility 

Understand the impact of database performance by correlating database performance to originating business transaction performance metrics.

Business transaction call graphs 

Dive deep into an individual business transaction with a complete call graph view per unique business transaction. (coming soon)

Web and mobile user experience correlation 

Understand how client-side performance correlates to the server transaction by correlating browser and device performance to the originating business transaction performance metrics. (coming soon)

On-prem deployment 

Choose to deploy our platform via SaaS or on-premise with the ability for Node.js agents to report into an on-premises controller. (coming soon)

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