Xamarin Mobile Monitoring

Deliver consistently great Xamarin app performance

Xamarin is a powerful cross-platform mobile application development tool. Using a single tool for both iOS and Android apps simplifies development, but ensuring consistent performance across devices on these unique platforms is a significant challenge.

AppDynamics delivers real-time insights into your Xamarin mobile application performance. Continuously monitor data by device type, carrier, region, and more to gain end-to-end user experience visibility and proactively identify and fix performance bottlenecks.

Comprehensive user context

  • Collect data such as device used, connection type, carrier, OS, geography, mobile session, and app version

  • Make data-driven decisions by understanding key mobile audience information

  • Improve OS-specific experience by understanding behavior from tap to infrastructure

Crash and root cause analysis

  • Get detailed crash and hang reports with app, platform, and device details

  • Understand what’s driving crash activity by app, platform, or device

  • Improve release quality and speed MTTR with more focused development

Single pane of glass

  • Compare client and server performance side by side

  • Quickly trace problems to specific components by correlating performance metrics

  • Dramatically shorten MTTR and reduce user impact

Real-time, contextual business metrics

  • Correlate application performance metrics to critical business metrics

  • Get real-time insight when performance deviates from established baselines

  • Confidently drive short-term and long-term business decisions with unified information  

Data collection customization

  • Customize instrumentation and create new metrics and timers

  • Gather only the data important to you

  • Eliminate data “noise” and focus on priorities

“We realized a lot of value from AppDynamics right away.”

Michael Makar, Senior IT Manager, Enterprise Monitoring and Performance Testing, World Bank

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