AppDynamics SaaS Architecture

In today’s cloud-based world, get the industry’s most comprehensive global SaaS coverage, with strategic locations to meet any enterprise’s data-residency needs.

Extensive global coverage

Continuous availability

Leverage our world-class support to help you focus on a superior experience for your customers. We’ll ensure continuous availability while unlocking full-stack observibility for your mission critical applications. Our solution features built-in disaster recovery and ongoing and automatic platform upgrades.

Design-led security and privacy

AppDynamics SaaS provides continuous protection of customer data with features and capabilities like access controls, data encryption at rest and in-transit, as well as security development, security testing, and security monitoring. The program also maintains a regular cadence of SOC2 attestations that establish an independent assessment of the SaaS based security controls. The platform is also GDPR-ready, enabling customers to meet enhanced data protection guidelines.

Faster innovation and scalability

Innovate faster by taking advantage of our full-stack observability platform. Quickly adopt and benefit from the latest enhancements and scale with ease to meet the demands of your applications throughout your digital transformation.

Explore AppDynamics full-stack observability

"We chose AppDynamics for its ease-of-use. No custom instrumentation or configuration was required. "

Ryan Aylward
Chief Technology Officer, Glassdoor

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Expanded SaaS Coverage Delivers Full-Stack Observability At A Global Scale

AppDynamics expands SaaS offerings with new strategic locations.

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