Use Business iQ to transform your application performance monitoring into business results

Advance your digital transformation, discover real-time business awareness, and improve customer experiences with deep application analytics.

Connect the dots between application performance and business outcomes with custom dashboards

Get visibility into the business impact of customer experience quality

Business iQ provides clear, actionable correlations between the quality of your customers’ experiences with your applications and the eventual impact on your bottom line—helping you spot new opportunities to improve outcomes.

Break silos and create a common language between IT and the business

Forge a powerful new partnership. With Business iQ’s customizable, easily understood, business-centric dashboards, teams will be armed with a clear vision of how IT can drive your company towards bigger business goals.

See business results in real-time—really

You can’t wait to see the impact of your customer-facing digital initiatives in a week, or even a day. You need to see them as they happen. Business iQ gives you faster Mean Time to Business Awareness (MTBA) so you can take immediate action.

A powerful part of the App iQ Platform

Business iQ provides awareness that no other solution can because it’s one of the integrated engines within the App iQ Platform—the industry’s most intelligent approach to application performance monitoring.

The advantage of AppDynamics leading application monitoring and analytics technology

Draws rich data

Business iQ ingests deep data from our application, end-user, and infrastructure monitoring solutions, resulting in more accurate business awareness.

Analyzes and correlates

Raw performance data is correlated in real-time, connecting the dots between customer experiences and business outcomes.

Visualizes data

Business performance data is displayed in customizable dashboards, providing clear correlations—and a common language between IT and the business.

Baselines and alerts

Automatic performance baselining discovers what’s normal—so you get alerted only when things aren’t, letting you stay focused on what matters.

Gives answers to advanced questions

SQL-based AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL) lets you do advanced data searches to get specific answers on the business impact of app performance.

Get Business iQ

The features provided by Business iQ are available to customers who choose our Peak Edition offering.