Product Training Sessions

Product Training Sessions – November 14, 8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm

From APM to Business Monitoring with AppDynamics Analytics

Understand how to expand your application performance monitoring to include business intelligence by harnessing Transaction and Log analytics provided in the AppDynamics Analytics plugin. Learn more

Business Transactions with AppDynamics

Embark on a 360-degree tour of AppDynamics from the perspective of business transactions and get an insider’s view of the monitoring stations. This is a hands-on, practical training targeted at AppDynamics beginners. Learn more

Memory Heap Analysis with AppDynamics

Learn the internal workings of the Java memory heap, how generational memory heaps work, and the different heap optimization parameters. Discover how to monitor and diagnose memory issues with AppDynamics Automatic Leak Detection and Object Instance Tracking. Learn more

AppDynamics Administration

Learn how to perform the essential administration tasks for your on-premise AppDynamics controller. Administrators, System Admins and Admin Support can explore the essentials, including group and password management, Glassfish server JVM settings configuration, implementing backup strategies, importing/exporting settings between controllers, log maintenance and more. Learn more

End User Monitoring with AppDynamics

Learn the major capabilities of the AppDynamics EUM platform, from the basic architecture and configuration to advanced usage and analysis. Examine and troubleshoot web-browser pages, mobile app network requests, and self-generated synthetic transactions from AppDynamics servers across the world. Learn more

AppDynamics Custom Transaction Correlation

AppDynamics does business transaction correlation out of the box for many types of interactions, but what if your particular communication protocol is not supported? Find out about the inner workings of AppDynamics transaction correlation and learn techniques to correlate unusual tier-to-tier communication. Learn more