AWS Monitoring

Full-stack performance monitoring for AWS

AppDynamics has built a solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate your cloud migration and to deliver enterprise-grade, end-to-end performance monitoring for your applications on the AWS cloud.

Migrate with confidence

Feel confident that the migration execution is right the first time. Static and often outdated CMDBs miss application dependencies, slowing down AWS migration. AppDynamics automatically discovers resources, baselines application performance, and helps visualize the interactions of every component through flow maps that are built on real-time data. This clarity helps guide decision-making while planning and leads to a successful migration.

Prove that migrated applications perform as intended. Consistent, data-driven, and objective metrics on end user experience enable you to compare application performance pre- and post-migration and quickly validate the success of migration.

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Ensure application performance in hybrid environments

AppDynamics delivers consistent end-to-end application monitoring, regardless of environment - traditional, hybrid, or cloud-native. That means you’ll maintain the same depth and visibility regardless of architecture.

Unified monitoring allows you to quickly resolve performance issues before they become business problems, with three clicks to root cause. Optimize the total cost of ownership by leveraging existing personnel, processes, and training on AppDynamics App iQ platform for AWS or hybrid deployments.

Conclusively identify application performance bottlenecks across entire application stack and all customer touch points—using mobile, browser or IoT devices.

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Rapidly adopt cloud-native architectures

  • Get unified application monitoring, irrespective of the underlying environment on AWS, including Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate, and AWS Lambda.

  • Seamlessly scale monitoring operations for microservices or serverless applications with the industry's most scalable application monitoring platform.

  • Avoid alert overload caused by cascading failures in microservices and container environments by leveraging automatic root cause analysis.

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Drive business objectives, maximize value

  • Easily understand the correlations between the quality of your customers' experiences, application performance, and the impact on business outcomes.

  • Create a common language between business and IT in order to help IT teams drive business success, rather than simply supporting it.

  • Proactively manage business risk and prove business value with every code release.

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Seller Private Offers

✓ Obtain pricing based on unique requirements

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✓ Transact via AWS Marketplace once terms are agreed

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"Customers can benefit from the depth of services and agility of AWS, combined with real-time application performance monitoring from AppDynamics to accelerate cloud migrations."

Barry Russell, General Manager, Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Service

Ability to Trace Business Transactions Is Key to AWS Migration

Nasdaq's Corporate Solutions Technology group manages a large application portfolio. A strategic objective was to move workloads onto the AWS Cloud, but understanding the application environment holistically was a major challenge because of the level of interconnectivity and breadth of the platforms used. AppDynamics solved this challenge rapidly, as the platform was easy to deploy and provided immediate visibility to help migrate an internal application onto AWS and to understand how the application was performing in the completely new infrastructure.

"The ability to trace a transaction visually and intuitively through the interface was a major benefit. This visibility was especially valuable when Nasdaq was migrating a platform from its internal infrastructure to the AWS Cloud."

Heather Abbott, SVP Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq


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