Digital is transforming retail. Unlock greatness with Application Intelligence.

Digital Transformation is not a choice for retailers, it’s a business imperative. Today eCommerce and mobile apps are the primary channels to delighting your customers. If your eCommerce and mobile apps are slow, typically over 3 seconds, then it’s equal to hanging the ‘closed for business’ sign in the shop window. This means that ensuring flawless performance and optimizing customer experience is critical to retail success.

Application Intelligence helps retailers take their digital strategies from good to great by ensuring mobile and eCommerce performance, allowing business, dev and ops teams to collaborate easily and automatically correlating technical performance with business outcomes.

Delight your customers

eCommerce and mobile channels allow customers to engage with you as and when they choose. This means that application performance that meets your consumer’s expectations is the foundation of customer experience.

Seamless retail performance

Delivering great customer experience is not only about online and mobile channels. In-store applications are also important to omnichannel performance. But, no matter the channel, resolving retail performance issues before they impact customers is a must.

Keep customers coming back

Customer loyalty is key to retail success. To shift from good to great means providing a personalized retail experience. Your applications have been designed for millions but they must feel special for every individual customer.

Application Intelligence: real-time insights into application performance, customer experience, and business outcomes

Ensure commerce solution performance

Identify and resolve commerce platform issues rapidly, before they impact your business.

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