Jboss Monitoring Tools

A solution for JBoss monitoring keeps production environments humming

When it comes to JavaEE application servers, JBoss is a popular choice for customers to deploy their app. AppDynamics provides deep visibility of your production environment by helping you identify and monitor application code running on JBoss.

JBoss Server Benefits

  • Monitor the execution and accessibility of your JBoss Server
  • Alert proactively about the health of JBoss server and other performance issues
  • Identify and solve Memory Leaks in JBoss Server
  • Troubleshoot and discover the initial cause of application performance instantly
  • Compare Key JBoss Server metrics over time

Monitor Business Transactions

Discovers automatically business transactions from normal entry points in JBoss and its JVM.

Real-Time Alerting for JBoss

Application and production support teams are notified of performance issues as they surface and get alerts before end user face problems and service levels start to decline. This is done through dynamic SLA base-lining and pro-active alerting.

Detect Thrown Exceptions

Collect and report all application run-time exceptions, which provide users with clarity of stack traces as business transactions and user requests fail or timeout.

Out Of Memory Exceptions and Memory Leaks

AppDynamics tracks memory leaks automatically inside the JVM and detects the initial cause immediately with minimal user analysis. This allows users to get visibility on garbage collection, utilization of key memory pools over-time and heap usage.

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