AppDynamics’ AppSphere 2014 a Huge Success; Top Praise Heard From Application Experts

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Inaugural user conference comes on heels of accelerated business momentum and 500+ employees milestone

SAN FRANCISCO – NOVEMBER 11, 2014 – AppDynamics, the application intelligence leader for software-defined businesses, last week held its first-ever user conference, AppSphere 2014, bringing together industry thought leaders and practitioners focused on Application Intelligence and application performance monitoring. A stellar cast of speakers and panelists from the world’s leading software companies including IBM, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Citrix, and IBM SoftLayer, as well as industry researcher Gartner, offered their views on the current state and vision for the future of APM, analytics, the cloud, mobile, DevOps, and a host of other IT, business and software-critical topics.

The enormously successful inaugural user conference comes on the heels of accelerated business momentum in Q3 FY2015, ending October 31st, during which the company’s trailing 12-month revenue grew more than 200 percent;  trailing 12-month bookings grew more than 115 percent, and the annualized bookings run-rate, based on fiscal Q3 results, surpassed $160 million. Additionally, just yesterday the company crossed the 500-employee milestone.

AppSphere 2014 was the forum at which to make a number of major product announcements. Topping the list was the Fall 2014 Release of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform, which now includes a Virtual War Room and other powerful new DevOps collaborative features to troubleshoot performance issues in real time, plus expanded platform support for C/C++ and other apps, greater visibility into complex applications, and full integration of database monitoring. Also announced was the imminent release of Application Analytics

This first AppDynamics customer conference was held at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas November 3–5. 

Some key highlights from AppSphere 2014:

  • Over 350 of the world’s largest enterprises represented with multiple attendees from over 20 countries
  • 1,350 person-hours of training delivered
  • Launch of the  AppDynamics Fan Club
  • 15 sponsoring partners including Apica, Pivotal, Softlayer (an IBM company), Electric Cloud, Google, ExtraHop
  • 94 percent of attendees expressed intent to return next year
  • 33 technology deep-dive break-out sessions
  • Unprecedented 92 percent of people registered actually attended

“The excitement about our Application Intelligence vision and where we are going with our roadmap was off the charts,” said Jyoti Bansal, AppDynamics founder and CEO, about AppSphere. “Our customers are simply thrilled with the value we bring to them and the difference we make to what they do day-to-day, and the transformative impact we help make on their business. In talking with more than 100 customers personally during AppSphere, I was hard-pressed to find a customer who didn’t have that feeling.”

AppSphere 2015 will be held around the same time next year in Las Vegas and details will be announced in the near future.


Heard at AppSphere 2014

“We need to monitor where business happens: inside the applications, inside the mobile devices. Look at the users. The consumer is the business.”
— Jonah Kowall, research vice president – IT Operations, Gartner

“Mobile is the tether between the brand and the consumer.”
— Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava


“Everyone is afraid of what’s the next Uber that is going to affect my industry? But the next thing is already behind Uber and ready to knock it out.”
— Patrick McMahon, managing partner, VP, IT strategy & transformation, US national practice leader, IBM


“Innovation is no longer a choice, it is a necessity…The left side of our brain is totally overused. What about the right side? What about driving imagination?”
— Rathi Murthy, vice president, Engineering, American Express


“How do you get things accomplished? Passion, partnerships, positivity, persistence, and patience.”
— Spencer Schwab, staff application engineer, Citrix Systems


“One second is the new one minute.”
— Bill Platt, general manager, Amazon Web Services


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