Mobile Real-User Monitoring

Improve the end-user experience of native mobile applications.

Create more fluid experiences by tracking every journey and gesture

Optimize your native mobile applications by tracking user experience. Follow people’s journey — from tap to code to infrastructure — with powerful end-to-end performance management that quickly spots mobile application issues and relevant Business Transactions — dramatically reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

Understand the business impact of mobile app performance on your KPIs in real-time

  • Improve customer service and reduce MTTR with detailed session analytics and gesture tracking for every customer journey
  • Increase conversions and reduce bounce rates by understanding the customer flow through the mobile application
  • See how Business Transaction performance in each customer journey contributes to the business outcome and the effects on KPIs
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Pinpoint and resolve crashes and errors quickly and efficiently with deep code-level visibility

  • Identify and fix recurring problems and compare releases over time by proactively monitoring crashes and user context with real-time crash reporting
  • Acknowledge crash signatures and indicate when they’ve been addressed
  • View all user sessions impacted by unique crashes and quickly reproduce these errors in your development environment
  • Pinpoint root-causes of crashes and errors to troubleshoot from the mobile app to the back-end application by leveraging detailed stack traces and bread crumbs
  • View C/C++ native crashes within Android applications
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Get detailed visibility into all network requests from your mobile app

  • Get load, latencies, and errors to identify and analyze issues by any mobile app parameter, including app version, OS, connection, device, and geography
  • Correlate app performance to business impact with a view of all network requests and associated Business Transactions for each user session
  • Enable DevOps to remedy issues faster with collaboration and automation by using APM to isolate issues to the mobile application or back-end infrastructure/services/applications/third party APIs
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Get valuable insights and visibility into all your users’ mobile application activity

  • Get better user segmentation with real-time, detailed visibility into usage across devices, networks, OSs, connection types, and app versions
  • Find and solve issues faster by leveraging detailed user context
  • See the geographic distribution of your users and the load and response times by location and region
  • Understand how users interact with your mobile app by tracking UI events such as tals, list item selection, and text input in the context of app performance
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Discover Business Transactions to provide mobile application to back-end application dependencies with AppDynamics APM

  • Reduce the blame game between mobile application development and IT ops teams
  • Hold third party SLAs accountable by understanding — and gaining evidence — if they’re adversely affecting mobile application performance
  • Know whether mobile app performance was caused by the app, network, or back-end API service
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No more false alerts

  • Eliminate static thresholds and leverage percentiles to dynamically baseline mobile performance metrics
  • Reduce finger-pointing between mobile app dev and ops teams with this self-learning platform that helps you automatically adapt to the high-variance performance metrics in the mobile world
  • Reduce false alerts via proactive anomaly detection and intelligent alerting by setting health policies and rules for notification
  • Communicate the necessary information to the appropriate on-call team members with third party ticketing and alerting/notification platform integration
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AppDynamics provided unmatched end-to-end visibility across our complex and distributed environment...

— John Turner - Dev Manager, Paddy Power

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