AppDynamics Delivers World's First Free Java Performance Troubleshooting Tool for Production Environments

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Free AppDynamics Tool Delivers 80 Percent of the Value of Expensive "Big 4" Tools

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – May 10, 2010 –AppDynamics, Inc., the next-generation Application Performance Management (APM) company, today released a free edition of its solution called AppDynamics Lite – a powerful troubleshooting tool designed to help IT operations and development teams support applications in high-volume production environments.  Starting today, the tool is available for download at no cost via

Despite the critical nature of production environments, the unfortunate reality is that severe performance problems all-too-often affect end-user satisfaction and impact revenue.  When these situations arise, IT Operations and Development teams go into “firefighting” mode to identify the root cause and fix the problem.

Instead of spending months and tens of thousands of dollars to evaluate, license, and deploy legacy APM tools such as CA Wily, IBM ITCAM, or HP Mercury, these teams can now download the free AppDynamics product and get value within minutes. AppDynamics Lite includes 80 percent of the functionality of traditional, costly APM products, and it can be deployed and identifying root cause quickly.

AppDynamics Lite equips IT Operations and Development teams alike with the feature set of high-end legacy application monitoring products, enabling them to rapidly troubleshoot and diagnose performance problems within minutes.  The tool takes only two minutes to install and immediately identifies typical application issues such as slow SQL, stalls, errors, and slow response time.


“Organizations today want application performance management that is simple to implement and run – gone are the days when companies are able to cope with overly complex APM solutions,” said Russell Luke, managing director and co-founder of Application Performance.  “We have been using AppDynamics Lite and are impressed.  It deployed quickly and is very useful as a firefighting tool for production environments as well as for load tests.  We see companies gaining real benefit from the strong performance troubleshooting capabilities.”


Unlike traditional application monitoring or profiling tools, AppDynamics Lite delivers deep, code-level diagnostics while producing less than 2 percent overhead in most production environments.  While profiling tools remain an excellent option for developers who need to understand CPU and memory usage in environments where excessive overhead is acceptable, AppDynamics Lite offers an unparalleled ability to resolve problems in production environments where the troubleshooting tool must not degrade performance.


“AppDynamics has released a free version of its application performance management solutionbecause we’re passionate about helping IT Operations and Developers fight fires,” said Jyoti Bansal, AppDynamics CEO and Founder.  “At the same time, we believe that the free product commoditizes the legacy ‘APM 1.0’ feature set that was conceived in the late 1990s.  With modern SOA/distributed application architectures, agile development, and the migration to hybrid cloud/physical environments, the market now requires an ‘APM 2.0’ feature set that legacy vendors have not made available: the ability to diagnose difficult problems inherent to highly distributed/SOA applications, the ability to predict and resolve performance problems with advanced performance intelligence, and the ability to provision capacity in the cloud.”

AppDynamics Lite enables users to:

Get visibility in two minutes. After a simple download and install, IT professionals can monitor application health and troubleshoot performance problems.

Diagnose root cause within 15 minutes.  IT professionals can:


  • Find which business transactions are showing slow response
  • Drill down into bad requests: hotspots in code, stack traces for errors, and stalled requests
  • Diagnose at the code level: Gain performance visibility into each class and method, as well as identify slow SQL and external calls


AppDynamics Lite costs nothing and can be downloaded directly from the AppDynamics web site at

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