AppDynamics Evaluated in Report on Application Performance Management Innovators by Leading Analyst Firm

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 3, 2012 – AppDynamics, the leading Java/.NET application performance management (APM) solution for distributed web applications, today announced that it has been evaluated by Gartner, Inc. as an APM innovator in the December 2011 report, “APM Innovators: Driving APM Technology and Delivery Evolution.” Authored by Will Cappelli and Jonah Kowall, the report is designed to help companies consider APM vendors that are either functionally specialized or are explicitly targeting newer computing environments alongside well-established players.

“APM is evolving in response to four central market requirements: the emergence of rich, multilayered and hard-to-instrument environments from which applications are being accessed, the increasing use of infrastructure and platform cloud services to undergird applications, the need to manage application stacks with industry-specific architectures, and the increasing volume and complexity of application performance datasets,” said analysts Cappelli and Kowall in the report. 

“We agree with Gartner that Application Operations teams are facing an ever-increasing rate of change and complexity in their application environments,” said Jyoti Bansal, AppDynamics Founder & CEO. “From frequent agile releases to the highly-distributed nature of large-scale cloud deployments, these teams have more than ever to manage in their mission to keep applications running smoothly. We’ve designed AppDynamics to be easy to use, affordable, and with built-in intelligence to provide unparalleled visibility and troubleshooting capability even in the most complex production environments. We’re pleased to be recognized as an innovator.”

AppDynamics stands at the forefront of a generational change in how web applications are managed: modern applications are no longer monolithic in nature but are highly distributed and dynamic, fueled by architectural trends like Cloud, SOA, Big Data and Agile Development. As a result, traditional application performance management solutions have become outdated. AppDynamics is well poised to exploit this generational shift, and is already experiencing 400% bookings growth in 2011. AppDynamics has attracted over 60,000 users of AppDynamics Lite, a free Java performance monitoring download that helps IT Operations to troubleshoot application performance problems. 

AppDynamics provides IT Application Operations teams with visibility into:

  • Who – Is being affected by performance or availability problems
  • Where – Problems are occurring in the user or application transactions
  • Why – Problems are occurring because of code, database, or resource constraints

The solution represents a Java monitoring and .NET monitoring solution for production applications built on modern technologies and principles such as:

  • Distributed / Service Oriented Architectures
  • Agile development
  • Big Data components
  • Cloud or Dynamic Capacity

The report “APM Innovators: Driving APM Technology and Delivery Evolution” (ID: 1882117) is available to Gartner clients here.

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