AppDynamics extends its APM Leadership by Announcing Support for PHP Applications

Press Release

AppDynamics for PHP enables app support teams to troubleshoot PHP bottlenecks in seconds

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – March 18, 2013 – AppDynamics, Inc., the next-generation application performance management solution that simplifies the management of complex apps, today announced that it has extended support for its groundbreaking application performance management (APM) solution to the PHP platform.

Monitoring applications in the enterprise is extraordinarily difficult for Operations and Development teams: most monitoring tools on the market don’t scale, or they’re too complex and cumbersome to use in agile production environments. AppDynamics has disrupted the APM industry with a solution that’s easy to use, but powerful enough to resolve critical performance issues in the most complicated app environments on the planet. By extending its application management support beyond Java and .NET to include PHP, AppDynamics now owns the leadership position in regards to the three application stacks most widely used in enterprise-level organizations.

AppDynamics for PHP will enable Operations and Development teams to focus on the performance of business transactions and user requests when monitoring their application, rather than analyzing primitive server metrics such as CPU, memory, or Disk I/O. For example, if a user makes a “payment” on an e-commerce website, AppDynamics will learn the baseline performance of that transaction and trigger alerts to application support teams when transaction performance deviates from its historical norm. This approach to application performance management is used by enterprise customers of AppDynamics worldwide including Netflix, ExactTarget, Cablevision, Fox News and Expedia.

AppDynamics for PHP is set apart by its ability to:

  • Auto-Discover: Application tier dependencies and business transactions (user requests)
  • Self-Learn: Performance of every business transaction so baselines and alerts are accurate
  • Trace Transactions: Across application tiers including databases and 3rd party web services
  • Deep-Dive Diagnostics: AppDynamics offers complete code-level visibility into the performance of slow and stalled Business Transactions, which can reduce Mean-Time-to-Resolution by up to 90%.

“PHP is increasingly used in enterprise environments for the foundation of critical business applications, but those applications tend to be complicated, hard to manage, and contain issues that cause both performance problems and outages,” said Jyoti Bansal, Founder & CEO of AppDynamics. “Just as we’ve equipped application support teams with deep insight and rapid troubleshooting capability in regards to Java and .NET apps, we intend to do the same for overworked PHP support teams. Our PHP product will have the same secret sauce: the ability to monitor every line of code and alert on performance problems, but still have a low enough overhead to be deployed directly in production.”

As with its Java and .NET products, AppDynamics will offer new customers a free pre-production license for PHP for every production license purchased up to 100 licenses, and 50% off pre-production licenses for each production license bought thereafter.

According to Joe Sexton, President of Worldwide Field Operations at AppDynamics, this pricing structure is meant to help companies with tight budgets to offer the same visibility across their entire organization. “Application performance belongs to the entire company, not just operations. We want to make sure that our monitoring data is available to everyone who has a stake in application performance, from the developers to the CIO.”

AppDynamics for PHP will support common frameworks like Drupal, Wordpress, Zend and Symfony, with additional framework support following in the near future.

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