AppDynamics Launches Partnership Program for Managed Service Providers

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Next-generation APM solution now available to service providers and their customers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 24, 2012 – AppDynamics, the leading application performance management solution for modern application architectures, announced today the launch of a strategic partnership program designed for managed service providers (MSPs). MSPs such as Scicom, Intellinet and NTT Europe have already partnered with AppDynamics to ensure uptime and availability for their customers’ revenue-critical applications.

As cloud computing becomes more widespread, MSPs are in increasingly high demand – but at the same time, organizations expect flawless performance from their hosted applications. This trend has led many MSPs to leverage Application Performance Management (APM) to help their customers with application performance and uptime. Partnering with AppDynamics is one way for MSPs to better support their customers’ mission-critical applications, while differentiating themselves from their competition and opening new revenue streams. For customers of MSPs, having an enterprise-class APM solution in place saves money by ensuring that that end-users’ expectations for performance and availability are being met.

“AppDynamics was the obvious choice for us to support our customers’ mission-critical applications. It’s easy to install, detects the application automatically, and gives us deep insight into application performance,” said Sid Roy, Vice President of Operations and Client Support at Scicom Infrastructure Services. “Even more importantly, AppDynamics is cutting-edge technology that will allow us to stay ahead of the curve, reduce tool sprawl and licensing costs for .NET and Java platforms and outflank the competition for years to come. If your business has any element attached to the web, you really need to consider AppDynamics as a key part of your application management strategy.”

Oscar García, COO of NTT Europe, found that offering AppDynamics as a part of NTT Europe’s service catalog helped to attract new customers and improve revenue streams from existing ones. “Adding APM-as-a-Service is critical for any managed service provider right now that wants to stay competitive,” García said. “AppDynamics was the best choice for us – the quality of support from the team, the broad feature set, its amazingly superior technology and its reasonable and flexible licensing structure won us over. It’s very attractive and a major differentiator to our customers.”

“We think AppDynamics can bring a lot of value to both the MSPs and their customers,” said Stuart Horne, VP of Business Development at AppDynamics. “MSPs can gain a competitive edge and improve margins by offering application support and performance management, and the customer sees reduced downtime and better overall performance in their mission critical applications.”

Managed Service Providers choose AppDynamics for its:

  • Proven ability to manage mission-critical web applications
  • Complete end-to-end visibility for complex and distributed architectures
  • Code-level diagnostics for rapid troubleshooting
  • Multi-tenant architecture and cloud-readiness

The benefits of AppDynamics’ MSP partnership program include:

  • APM Training and Enablement
  • Technical & Marketing support
  • Tailored pricing plans for MSPs

In order to learn more about the MSP partnership program, come by AppDynamics’ booth at MSPWorld or visit AppDynamics’ partner page. To become a partner, apply here.

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