AppDynamics Spring ‘17 Release Empowers Application Teams to Ship Faster and More Reliably Throughout the Modern Software Development Lifecycle

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Developer Toolkit and Business iQ Set a New Standard for App Team Collaboration, from Code to Business Performance

Enterprise iQ and Business iQ Updates Make it Simple to Drive Application and Business Performance at the Scale and Complexity of Digital Business

SAN FRANCISCO – April 5, 2017–  AppDynamics, a Cisco company and the leader in application intelligence, today announced its Spring ‘17 release, including the AppDynamics Developer Toolkit and major updates to Enterprise iQ and Business iQ. The latest release empowers application teams to deliver impactful customer experiences faster while laying the foundation for unprecedented scale. Now, the entire business can quickly align around a single goal: continuously delivering high quality mobile and web applications faster than ever. AppDynamics customers can quickly build, deploy, measure and improve their customer experiences regardless of the environment.

In our digital-first world, where quality and performance are prerequisites for brand loyalty, delivering flawless application experiences is the key to business success. However, many businesses — slowed by organizational misalignment and specialist tools that isolate individuals and groups — struggle to meet increasingly high customer expectations. This puts an enormous strain on application teams to deliver new applications, features, and fixes faster and more reliably.

“Today, the application is the business, creating immense pressure on organizations to deliver new experiences that ‘wow’ customers,” said Bhaskar Sunkara, chief technical officer and head of product at AppDynamics. “And digital leaders continually raise the bar for what consumers expect from application experiences. With our new Developer Toolkit, companies can give their application teams the context of how their code impacts the business and deliver innovation like a digital leader.”

Introducing the AppDynamics Developer Toolkit

With the new Developer Toolkit, the AppDynamics Spring ‘17 release provides application teams unmatched application development lifecycle transparency, from the code to end-user experiences and the business outcomes. With this newfound visibility, every team member can see the impact their work has on the business in real time, and ultimately deliver better applications that create value for the organization. The new Developer Toolkit spans tools for build, test, analysis and continuous improvement:

Build. Support for new languages and development tools enable application developers to transform ideas into better apps faster.

  • Go Support — Go’s (or Golang’s) popularity continues to rise because it’s powerful yet easy to understand and maintain. With AppDynamics for Go, application teams now have the patented Business Transaction (BT) detection and tracing for Go applications. They can now gain insight with reports on errors generated by bad requests, providing better end-to-end coverage across distributed application environments.
  • Xamarin Support — Comprehensive support for Xamarin allows mobile application developers to embed AppDynamics in native iOS and Android mobile applications and monitor and drive application performance from a single code base.
  • Android Studio Plugin — Developers can now automate the instrumentation process for Android applications, thereby reducing errors and making it easier for developers to deliver performant Android mobile apps.

Integration and Test. New extensions to BTs empower app teams to focus on the user journeys and code that move the needle the most, improving customer outcomes and speeding release velocity.

  • Developer Mode Business Transactions—With new Developer Mode BTs, application teams now have deep-code diagnostics for specific Business Transactions in both pre-production and production environments enabling them to quickly address bottlenecks and remediate any issues found in testing.
  • Live Mode Business Transactions — Live Mode BTs delivers faster and more accurate configuration by detecting and defining rules according to live application data to identify critical Business Transactions.

Automated Analysis.With new crash analysis tools, applications teams will spend less time on unplanned work and troubleshooting, and more time building new features that can impact the business.

  • Smart Crash Alerts — When instrumenting new mobile applications, Smart Crash Alerts are set up by default to save time and effort post-instrumentation. Spend less time configuring alerts.
  • Unique Crashes in Business iQ — New crash reports in Business iQ correlate app crashes to business metrics like conversion rates, revenue or anything else the business tracks. Now app teams have new visibility into crashes so they can prioritize fixing the issues that matter the most to the business.

Smarter Continuous Improvement with Business iQ.The best apps are continuously refined and tuned to improve the user experience. The AppDynamics Developer Toolkit provides unmatched intelligence into customer journeys so app teams know which updates will matter the most to customers and the business.

  • Real User Insights — New session summary dashboards track individual customer sessions while capturing scrolls, taps and other gestures so developers and business leaders gain unparalleled insight into how customers experience applications.
  • Mobile Scorecard — Major updates to the mobile scorecard show the metrics that matter, at a glance. The new mobile scorecard makes it easy to see crash rate, number of crashes, network request performance, and error rates for every mobile application at a glance.

Enterprise iQ and Business iQ Enhancements

The Spring ‘17 release also features updates to Enterprise iQ that provide powerful new capabilities and scale for modern enterprises including:

  • License Management— Provides the flexibility required for DevOps environments by assigning licenses based on business unit. With powerful configuration rules and a simple to read dashboard, license keys can be easily assigned or reassigned so that teams never run out of licenses when they need it.
  • Universal Agent— Deploying, upgrading, and maintaining agents is now significantly easier. A single package can now be deployed to any machine that requires monitoring, and the universal agent will coordinate with the AppDynamics controller to automatically deploy and configure it so teams spend less time configuring and more time innovating. Universal agent supports the Java and Machine agent types, with other agents expected to be supported in future releases.
  • More Powerful Business iQ Metrics—Baselines become even more powerful with the Spring ‘17 release. By leveraging the power of the AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL) in Business iQ, application teams can build powerful dashboards and establish health rules faster than ever. Now application teams have even more intelligence into how application changes are impacting the business.

Comments on the news

  • “Our most valuable asset is our customers, so our culture is ferociously focused on ensuring results today and readiness for tomorrow,” said Jeff Brady, Program Manager at Allscripts. “To do this, everyone in the business must understand the impact their work has on end users. With AppDynamics’ new Developer Toolkit, our application teams are able to collaborate around delivering value enabled healthcare IT to every line of code.”
  • “A frequent cause of underperforming application teams is a lack of collaboration or common goals,” said Donnie Berkholz, Research Director at 451 Research. “With its new Developer Toolkit, AppDynamics aims to help build stronger teams with more impactful results by providing a framework for measurement and shared ownership that teams can rally around.”

Pricing and Availability

  • The AppDynamics Spring ‘17 Release is expected to be made generally available beginning April 5.

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