Tesco to Roll Out AppDynamics Across all Applications to help Improve Customer Experience

Press Release

  • Tesco to increase its deployment of AppDynamics to provide business-wide visibility into the customer experience – both in production and during the test and development phase
  • Tesco’s deployment will enable teams to look into performance issues at scale, reducing the impact on customers

SAN FRANCISCO – JUNE 28, 2016 – AppDynamics an application intelligence leader empowering enterprise digital transformation today announced that Tesco is set to increase its deployment of the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform to help improve the customer experience across its channels. The deployment will cover servers at both in-store and datacentre locations as well as the company’s headquarters, establishing the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform as Tesco’s principal application monitoring solution.

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform was selected for its ability to provide insights into the customer experience, as well as its capacity to function at scale in a production environment. The roll out will provide Tesco with an in-depth understanding of the customer experience across all of its channels.

AppDynamics will help the Tesco technology team to identify and resolve issues within applications in production quickly and thereby considerably reduce downtime. With AppDynamics also deployed in the test and development phases, Tesco will be better able to identify problems before new code is released, freeing up time to focus on customer experience enhancements.

Luke Fairless, technology director at Tesco, commented, “We engaged AppDynamics last year, to gain greater visibility into our websites and to manage demand more effectively during peak periods. Their solution gave us a greater level of insight, providing us with the data needed to continue delivering the best possible customer experience. The roll out of AppDynamics will play a major part in allowing us to ensure customers receive the best experience every day.”

Jeremy Duggan, AppDynamics’ vice president of EMEA, commented “Tesco is one of the world’s largest and most successful retailers, and we have always admired its ability to continually reinvent itself with new online services. It was one of the first retailers to truly embrace data analysis and to prove how it can really improve customer care and personalisation. This approach aligns perfectly with what AppDynamics was built to do, and together we’ll ensure that Tesco continues to deliver an exceptional customer experience in the future.”

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