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Boost Your Business Intelligence

See how AppDynamics Business iQ helps application teams drive key outcomes.

Get the insight you need to take action

With Business Health, it’s easy to understand and act on what’s happening in your business in real-time. Monitor crucial business KPI and get alerts to help you identify, diagnose, and resolve issues before they impact users

Validate the performance of every software release

How do you know if a software release drives the results your business needs? With Release Validation, you can measure the impact of a release or event based on revenue generated, conversion rate, or other variables.

Visualize the user journey from start to finish

See what steps users take before specific conversion events or other milestones in the customer journey. Evaluate where and when they abandon your application to identify potential bottlenecks, drop-off, or other performance challenges.

Optimize business processes in real-time

Measure the health of end-to-end business processes in real-time with Business Journeys. Monitor how much time it takes for a business process to complete and proactively identify issues before they become major problems.


Ensure the success of key users and business segments

Track users by level of loyalty, geographic location, and other variables to ensure the health of key segments. Proactively solve performance problems so key segments always have the best experience.

Deliver on every SLA

Report on and verify service level agreements (SLAs) like response time, or against a specific business metric such as total order size. With Experience Level Management from AppDynamics, you’ll deliver on SLAs with authority.

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