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Cloud Native Application Security Monitoring

Protect what matters most — secure modern applications based on business risk

Cisco Secure Application rapidly assesses risk, prioritizes action and remediates security issues based on likelihood of impact to business-critical cloud native applications.

Identify and rank vulnerabilities based on business context

Correlate security issues across application entities to address vulnerabilities and protect the bottom line.

  • Gain both a comprehensive overview and granular details to see where and how a vulnerability may impact critical application components. 

  • Vulnerabilities are grouped and filtered by business transactions, services, workloads, pods or containers and prioritized by your business-critical areas.

  • Detect and address log-related data leakage issues across cloud native environments to improve overall security posture and reduce data security risk. 

Business risk scoring eases prioritization

Shift from reactive to proactive and minimize risk with an automated business risk score that combines application context, business impact and the latest security intelligence.

  • Unlock data sensitivity information layered with transaction importance, based on business context.  

  • Uncover insecure Kubernetes® configurations and runtime container vulnerabilities. 

  • See a comprehensive view of the potential impact of each vulnerability and the criticality of each security issue.

Get the guidance you need to accelerate remediation

Harness the power of Cisco products for actionable recommendations on vulnerability remediation and tools for masking sensitive data.

  • Go beyond the CVSS score by measuring and incorporating exploitation predictability and the associated security risk.

  • Configure redaction of sensitive data to avoid leaking confidential information.   

  • Locate and fix runtime container vulnerabilities to reduce MTTR.

Find and secure sensitive data to reduce risk

Gain deep data insights that help visualize, prioritize, and act on security issues before they become revenue-impacting.

  • Automatically discover and classify sensitive data at scale.

  • Secure your data from internal and external threats and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.   

  • Save time with tailored guidance and alerting to prioritize and mitigate risks fast.

OpenTelemetry™ and Kubernetes® are trademarks of The Linux Foundation®.

Reduce risk without compromising accelerated delivery

Gain actionable security insights regardless of where the application is hosted. With Cisco Secure Application your organization will have the shared context across app and security teams to protect what matters most.  

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