Data Security

Secure and protect data at scale

The Data Security module delivers automated data security in the cloud native world. It provides teams with deep visibility and actionable insights to effortlessly secure and protect data.

Automatically discover and classify sensitive data at scale

Gain a clear view of your data to easily identify potential security risks.

  • Discover and classify sensitive information to easily identify data stores and entities, and quickly focus on securing critical data. 
  • Identify security risks by automatically detecting unencrypted buckets, dormant risky users, and siloed unused data entities to reduce your overall security risk posture. 
  • Attain comprehensive visibility directly into your data stores to uncover a holistic view of data use across your organization.

Secure your data from threats and ensure compliance with data protection regulations

Continuously monitor your data security controls to ensure compliance with strict data protection regulations.

  • Understand which users, roles, and applications are accessing your data and who has access to personally identifiable information. Seamlessly adopt a least privilege approach by detecting unused privileges and locking down access to your data stores. 
  • Unlock GenAI-based exfiltration attempt detection to stop attackers in their tracks.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with the latest standards by easily viewing and mitigating compliance violations.

Unlock AI-powered guidance to address your most pressing security issues

Save time with tailored guidance and alerting to prioritize and mitigate risks fast

  • Utilize GenAI-based data exfiltration remediation guidance to quickly fix security issues before they affect your bottom line. 
  • Quickly prioritize and address security issues with alerting support, to get the right information to the right people at the right time. 
  • Uncover crucial insights into what happened and how to prevent the same security issue in the future with root cause analysis. 


Secure your data to unlock endless innovation

Learn why data security is now essential — and how the Data Security module can help you easily understand where your data is, whether your data is secure, and how to address your most pressing security risks.

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