Infrastructure Optimization

Architect innovation from the ground up

Transform your infrastructure from reactive to proactive with AppDynamics + Cisco Intersight Workload Optimization (IWO), the leading hybrid solution for your virtual and physical environments.

Build business resiliency with automated visibility, insights and action

AppDynamics + IWO is an enterprise-grade solution for balancing infrastructure resourcing needs and cost optimization in real time as you scale to align your app performance with the demands of today.


AppDynamics + IWO provides broad visibility for your teams, from your applications to the underlying hybrid cloud infrastructure. See your application performance in any environment with the end user experience in full view.


Leverage unparalleled insights to prioritize the infrastructure and cloud resources most critical to the performance of your apps and the customer experience. Tie everything back to what matters most — your business results.

AppDynamics Business iQ is a powerful visualization of your end user experience, application performance and business performance metrics in context, helping you make key business decisions on the fly.


Switch from reactive to proactive. Automate actions such as workload placement, scaling and capacity increases to mitigate errors and move with speed and precision. Proactively optimize everything — from application performance to cloud resourcing costs — to support customer retention and revenue.

AppDynamics puts your IT teams at the center of business success

"With AppDynamics, we can identify, troubleshoot, and resolve performance issues before customers even notice them. AppDynamics helps quantify the user experience, increases operational efficiency, and delivers continuous observability. "

Tomas Huszagh
Software Engineering Manager and DevOps and Operations Lead, Solar Digital

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