AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry

Leverage the OpenTelemetry™ open-source standard from any data source, alongside AppDynamics’ proven agents and industry-leading AI/ML capabilities to gain advanced visibility and insights.

Experience frictionless telemetry

Easy set up with nothing to deploy. Simply configure your AppDynamics endpoint (URL) and auth token to gain the added visibility your teams need.

Ingestion from any OpenTelemetry data source

AppDynamics for OpenTelemtry delivers agentless OpenTelemetry ingest for the AppDynamics platform.

  • Leverage off-the-shelf instrumentation of popular libraries and platforms
  • Unify and enrich for a full-stack view
  • Build upon an emerging standardized ecosystem

Deepen your visibility

Extend the view into your technology stack by mixing AppDynamics proven agents’ telemetry with OpenTelemetry in unified views and analysis.

  • Leave no blind spot mixing OpenTelemetry and proven AppDynamics instrumentation
  • Get the best of OpenTelemetry breadth and AppDynamics depth
  • Derive actionable insights with AppDynamics’ advanced analytics and AI/ML

Dispatch flexible telemetry to match the needs of your IT teams

AppDynamics can capture and relay captured telemetry as OpenTelemetry OTLP standard format to any number of repositories for more flexible consumption that serve multiple IT team’s needs.

  • Standardize on and share unified telemetry, not tools to make sense of it
  • Adapt to the varying needs of different teams as AppOps, DevOps, SREs, CloudOps
  • Leverage OpenTelemetry breadth and AppDynamics depth

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Entitlements and Limitations
The entitlements and limitations that apply to AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry are available at:

Supported Regions
The current list of supported regions for AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry is available at: Please note that your OpenTelemetry data may transit through regions different from where your Controller is hosted if you configure your OpenTelemetry Collector using an AppDynamics endpoint located outside of the region where your Controller is hosted.