FedRAMP Authorized Performance Monitoring

Deliver reliable performance for mission-critical applications with AppDynamics’ suite of application performance monitoring solutions that holds FedRAMP Moderate Authorization.

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AppDynamics is purpose-built for government agencies to efficiently manage applications and drive cloud adoption, while maintaining high security standards. Federal and state government agencies, education departments, and service providers can leverage AppDynamics FedRAMP authorized solutions to understand user experiences, improve performance, and better connect the public with critical government resources.

Application Performance Monitoring

Gain visibility into distributed app environments to identify bottlenecks, investigate performance data, and accelerate innovation.

Browser Real User Monitoring

Optimize user experience with unprecedented insights into how constituents interact with applications.

Infrastructure Visibility

Understand how server and database resources impact app performance and user experiences.

Contracts & partners

AppDynamics works with numerous contract vehicles and partners to help government agencies seamlessly adopt our solution. Find AppDynamics on the FedRAMP Marketplace and the General Services Administration (GSA) website, or work with our trusted partner DLT.

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Security is at the core of what we do. We’re committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. Learn more about our resilient operations, compliance, and security certifications.






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AppDynamics receives FedRAMP authorization at the moderate impact level. Read more about the announcement.

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