FedRAMP Authorized Performance Monitoring

Deliver reliable performance for mission-critical applications with AppDynamics’ suite of application performance monitoring solutions that holds FedRAMP Moderate Authorization.

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Cisco AppDynamics GovAPM is purpose-built for government agencies to efficiently manage applications and drive cloud adoption while maintaining high security standards. Federal and state government agencies can leverage AppDynamics GovAPM, a FedRAMP authorized solution, to understand user experiences, improve performance, and better connect the public with critical government resources.

Application Performance Monitoring

Gain visibility into distributed app environments to identify bottlenecks, investigate performance data and accelerate innovation. 

  • Find and fix weak points to quickly pinpoint the root cause of issues before they become widespread.

  • Understand normal baseline activity and flag anomalies in performance behaviors. 

  • Correlate application health to mission outcomes in real time with Business IQ.

Browser Real User Monitoring

Optimize user experience with unprecedented insights into how constituents interact with applications.

  • Observe user behavior to prioritize fixes that impact the most people.

  • Understand how variables, such as a user’s location, browser version, or device type, relate to an application performance problem.

  • Ensure optimal performance of key user journeys under periods of peak load.

Infrastructure Visibility

Understand how server and database resources impact app performance and user experiences.

  • Correlate infrastructure metrics alongside application performance metrics to rapidly identify the root cause of issues. 

  • Baseline performance of your underlying infrastructure to proactively alert your team of deviations.  

  • Identify and troubleshoot problems that affect your critical applications such as server failures and JVM crashes.

Cloud Migration

Execute cloud migration strategies on time and on budget with real time performance monitoring that detects roadblocks before, during and after your transition to the cloud.

  • Clear performance insights help guide your planning, prioritization and cloud infrastructure sizing.

  • Leverage data to scale to measure and optimize post-migration.

  • Immediately identify where and why an issue has occurred. 

Contracts & partners

AppDynamics works with numerous contract vehicles and partners to help government agencies seamlessly adopt our solution. Find AppDynamics on the FedRAMP Marketplace and the General Services Administration (GSA) website.

Your trusted partner

Security is at the core of what we do. We’re committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. Visit the AppDynamics Trust Center to learn more about our resilient operations, compliance, and security certifications.

Contact a Cisco AppDynamics FedRAMP expert today at fedrampsolution@appdynamics.com. Or visit our Government Page to learn more about application performance monitoring for mission-critical applications.

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AppDynamics FedRAMP authorized performance monitoring

AppDynamics is purpose-built for government agencies to efficiently manage applications and drive cloud adoption while maintaining high security standards.

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AppDynamics, part of Cisco and the world’s #1 APM solution, announces that its cloud-based application performance management platform has been authorized to sell to government agencies.

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