Wipro Increases IT Agility, Resolves Tickets Faster with AppDynamics

Key Benefits

Increase in the number of tickets resolved

Increased SLA compliance for ticket resolution

Increased SLA compliance for response times


Tens of thousands of users worldwide depend on MyWipro and an associated suite of 135+ applications for their day-to-day activities. But existing application monitoring tools, such as CA Wiley, were having difficulty handling higher numbers of business transactions, larger volumes of data, and greater application complexity.

In one year the number of end-user facing applications increased 15%. Meanwhile, 40% percent of incident alerts were false positives. Wipro needed an application performance monitoring solution that could provide deep visibility into its full suite of hybrid applications running on a highly distributed architecture in a multicloud environment.

“With AppDynamics, we've transformed the ability of our IT team to optimize performance and deliver proactive support for MyWipro.”

Raja Ukil Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

About Wipro

Wipro, a global IT consultancy headquartered in Bangalore, India, is doubling down on new technologies like artificial intelligence, hyper-automation, and cognitive computing as it continues to deepen its expertise and broaden its portfolio of services. Internally, this means its award-winning MyWipro intranet now leverages the Wipro HOLMES artificial intelligence platform and runs in the public cloud. The move increased employee engagement—MyWipro typically processes 23.6 million transactions a day—and highlighted the importance of rock-solid performance.


Wipro determined AppDynamics was best suited to keep pace with MyWipro’s growing traffic volumes and the massive scale of the company’s IT infrastructure. The solution was rolled out to the operations team and the applications team and incorporated into the ServiceNXT platform, a breakthrough framework for delivering managed services. A total of 210 agents were deployed to monitor MyWipro, Ehelpline, and 160+ internal business applications.

Features like visual transaction-flow mapsdynamic baselinesreal-time business metrics, and customizable dashboards made it easy to apply the application intelligence that was provided by end-to-end monitoring. “With the introduction of AppDynamics, our team has been able to quickly drill down and leverage AppDynamics to identify and solve issues before they create problems with the end user experience,” said Ankur Jalpota, practice head, strategic and transformation programs.

Proactive detection

Within a few months, the applications team was relying on AppDynamics’ machine learning capabilities for root cause analysis. Faster ticket resolution and better communication with third-party application providers led to an increase in the number of tickets resolved. At the same time, the number of false positives decreased. “AppDynamics built-in intelligence delivers proactive, not reactive, detection of application performance and availability issues across 160-plus applications,” said Kavitha Kadambi, general manager, strategic & transformation.

Increased IT agility

“With AppDynamics, we’ve transformed the ability of our IT team to optimize performance and deliver proactive support for MyWipro,” added Raja Ukil, senior vice president and chief information officer. The compliance level for SLAs on ticket resolution has risen, as has the compliance on specific SLAs related to response times.”

Meanwhile, the team has continued to add an average of five or six applications a month “Previously, it took our team three to five days to onboard each application, which included setting the performance baselines,” noted Shashi Shah, transition manager, strategic & transformation. “This meant our team was spending up to 18 days a month on baselining. Now, baselining each new application is fully automated and requires no more than a couple of hours each! What used to require 18 days per month in man hours, now requires just one day and a half.”

Kadambi said AppDynamics has lived up to Wipro’s high expectations and that Wipro is anticipating benefits from AppDynamics’ relationship with Cisco. “We’ve gained a true understanding of end-user experiences and an ability to rapidly resolve issues in real time—to ensure our employees and contractors can access the services they need.” Combining AppDynamics and Cisco will provide further visibility into network infrastructure and accelerate the integration of new technologies, she said.

“AppDynamics delivers proactive, not reactive, detection of application performance and availability issues across a significant number of Wipro’s applications.”

Kavitha Kadambi, General Manager, Strategic & Transformation, Wipro

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