Docker Monitoring with AppDynamics

Maximize Your Development Velocity with Docker Monitoring by AppDynamics.

Deep-dive into Docker metrics for immediate insight into your container

  • View critical container metadata plus key resource indicators for your container.

  • You adopted Docker to speed up your development process, so don't be slowed down by lack of performance visibility.

  • Get real-time, end-to-end correlation made for the most complex and distributed microservices architecture.

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View all your containers on the underlying host

  • Seamlessly switch from an individual container to a view of the underlying host server.

  • View all the containers running on that host for a more contextual view.

  • Understand the varying resource utilization among the various containers.

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Automatic correlation among all containers in your microservices environment

  • Understand and immediately diagnose the performance issues within your microservices architecture.

  • AppDynamics detects all traffic flow and stiches together your flowmap for a high-level view of your environment.

  • Correlate your container metrics with your Business Transactions for a contexual view of your application behavior.

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"With AppDynamics, we gain better visibility into how microservices interface with the rest of the components of our application, the ability to proactively troubleshoot emerging issues, and the increased velocity to resolve issues faster than ever."

Nuno Pereira, CTO, iJET


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