Application Issues

More than just monitoring

It's no longer a mere IT problem when application issues appear on the front page of the news. Application performance and availability is a crucial aspect your organization, particularly if a large percentage of the business is conducted online.


AppDynamics helps empower software - businesses with smart, adaptive tools, that optimize digital business performance.

Our APM solutions are more than just monitoring, solving complex business application problems:

Infrastructure: Our solutions can be deployed in any operating model (on-premise, SaaS, private cloud, or any combination).
Smart Agents: Low overhead data collecting agents automatically inject instrumentation at run-time across your infrastructure and applications.
Contextual Data: All user flows and transactions are identified and captured with appropriate contextual information about the application models, servers, services, devices, network, and machine infrastructure.
Behavioral Learning: Learn code execution behavior for every business transaction and collect deep diagnostics data, identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot them. Adjust instrumentation automatically whenever your application is changed with no manual configuration.
Knowledge: Unique instrumentation captures transaction user session data, besides the usual performance metrics. Get insights into your business to make better business decisions.

More about the AppDynamics Platform

With the Application Intelligence Platform, you can create a custom solution to meet the unique needs of your environment.

The Container Store Puts Application Issues in a Box with AppDynamics

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