Free Database Monitoring

Database Profiling and Tuning

AppDynamics allows you to diagnose and troubleshoot issues that affect performance with free database monitoring. It enables you to concentrate on optimizing stored queries and procedures that make a difference to the end users.

AppDynamics is suitable for operations and development teams, enabling them to identify and troubleshoot all performance-related issues. Application teams and DBAs can easily to directly drill into a slow query, making it easy to prioritize issues based on those parts of the application that are used frequently.

Key Benefits

  • Quick root cause diagnosis in production
  • Detect performance issues proactively
  • Prioritize issues based on business impact

Easy to Use
AppDynamics is simple to deploy and use, with a simple web-based UI, allows the easy identification of problem areas and helps get to the appropriate execution plans and detect the root cause.

Granular data
Optimize databases with AppDynamics by collecting fine-grained data essential for detecting the root cause of performance issues of many of today's applications.

Single pane-of-glass view
AppDynamics allows a single pane-of-glass view, enabling you to view your entire application environment , including any data or base platforms your application servers - all in the same UI.

More About Database Profiling with AppDynamics
AppDynamics for Databases, the only database profiling tool, is designed for application teams to use. Many of the database profiling and tuning tools are used by DBAs with little or no Business Transaction or application context. These tools typically work for tuning stored procedures that are limited to the database. However, when identifying the problems that have the largest impact on end user experience, these tools often fail.

To learn more about free database monitoring from Appdynamics, ask for a free trial.