AppDynamics Winter ’16 Release Drives Digital Transformation for World’s Biggest Brands

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  • Unified Monitoring enhancements include increased server, database, application, and infrastructure visibility, and support for C and C++ applications
  • Mobile Real-User Monitoring and Browser Real-User Monitoring enhanced with detailed User Sessions support for rich, contextual view of the complete user journey
  • Browser Synthetic Monitoring delivers proactive website availability monitoring, performance baselining, competitive benchmarking, and third-party content performance analysis
  • Super-charged Application Analytics enhanced to accommodate more data sources, role-based security and exclusive, powerful query language

SAN FRANCISCO – FEBRUARY 23, 2016 –  AppDynamics, the leading application intelligence company, today announced general availability of its Winter ’16 Release, featuring next-generation updates to its Application Intelligence Platform to help enterprises achieve the user experience and operational success necessary for effective digital transformation.

Amplifying the capabilities of AppDynamics’ industry-first, application-centric Unified Monitoring solution, the newly available Winter ’16 Release enables greater visibility into the user journey with detailed User Sessions support; enhanced monitoring with Server Visibility and Browser Synthetic Monitoring; and support for C/C++ applications. AppDynamics Application Analytics, which seamlessly integrates with the Application Intelligence Platform, received major upgrades to enhance the interface and provide deeper, actionable insights into users, applications, and the correlations between application and business performance.

AppDynamics customers, who have had access to beta versions of many of the new features, are actively leveraging the enhanced functionality to help ensure the success of their digital transformation initiatives.

“We’re a hyper-growth business, and application performance is absolutely core to our success,” said Michael Lee, vice president of technology for Beachbody. “AppDynamics now plays an indispensable role for us. Unified Monitoring gives us the total visibility we need to deliver an outstanding experience for our core customers. AppDynamics’ new Browser Synthetic Monitoring helps us to ‘trust but verify’ the many, many third parties we rely on. Downtime costs us $150,000 an hour minimum, and since we got rid of our hodgepodge of tools and focused on APM with AppDynamics, our mean time to resolution went down on several severe incidents in 2015. It all means we’re doing the best possible job for our users, and that is the key to our continued success. We’re monitoring to deliver big value, and it’s working.”

Gorkey Vemulapalli, solutions architect from the Office of the CTO at Xerox Government Healthcare, said, “The new Unified Monitoring capabilities in AppDynamics Winter ’16 Release allow us to pinpoint any performance issues in minutes across seven million lines of code. Previously, five people would spend a 40-hour work week trying to uncover critical performance glitches. AppDynamics is an important partner helping us execute on our critical digital transformation initiatives.”

Raul Castanon-Martinez, senior analyst, enterprise mobility infrastructure and services at 451 Research said, “Monitoring the quality of the end-user experience remains challenging these days due to the wide range of variables across devices, networks, and platforms. Enterprises need modern technologies enabling digital transformation and that go beyond monitoring isolated components. They need a unified view on performance looking first at end-user experience and backtracking from there to the many elements contributing to the experience. This major shift is redefining our understanding of the role application performance management plays in the organization.

The Winter ’16 Release introduces User Sessions, which provides a rich and detailed view into the user journey — what actions users take as they move through each transaction in the conversion funnel, and how application performance impacts their journey. This real-time data, across both mobile and desktop, helps companies better manage user experience; identify opportunities to improve conversion; provide more personalized and relevant support; and connect the dots between application performance and business outcomes. 

“The role of today’s CIO is evolving to bridge the gap between business and technology, and make customer experience a top priority,” said Jyoti Bansal, founder, chairman and chief strategist of AppDynamics. “That means measuring the way users interact with applications, and ensuring the applications perform optimally. Our new Winter ’16 Release provides IT teams with the most comprehensive view of performance from the end-user’s perspective, in a single intuitive dashboard. We allow enterprises to efficiently review application and customer behavioral data — the real-time, actionable insights needed to drive business outcomes and organizational success.”

Also with this release, AppDynamics makes Browser Synthetic Monitoring generally available, offering monitoring of website performance from dozens of locations around the globe. Browser Synthetic Monitoring enables enterprises to ensure availability and performance of their websites even in the absence of real users, and enables accurate competitive benchmarking and measurement of third-party performance. 

AppDynamics Unified Monitoring provides industry-leading, end-to-end visibility from the end user through all the application layers and their supporting infrastructure to facilitate comprehensive management of user experience and application health. With the Winter ’16 Release, Unified Monitoring now supports C/C++ applications through a monitoring SDK that enables the same real-time, end-to-end, user-to-database performance visibility as other supported languages, for rapid root-cause analysis and issue resolution. Like all components of Unified Monitoring, the C/C++ capability includes automatic discovery and mapping of all tiers that service and interact with C/C++ applications, and business transaction contextualization for performance reporting. 

The Winter ’16 Release also delivers the following enhancements to AppDynamics’ Application Analytics: support for more data sets, including all of AppDynamics APM data, log data, and APIs for importing/exporting external data sets; a custom SQL-based query language that enables unified search and log correlation with business transactions; a number of user interface enhancements and new out-of-the-box visualizations and data widgets; and role-based access control. 

A Forrester report¹ co-authored by Milan Hanson, senior analyst for Infrastructure & Operations at Forrester stated, “Analytics is the magic… More monitoring is producing more data, and yet insight and action are expected to take less time. Analytics is the key… The new breed of APM analytics can intake more diverse data in higher volumes at higher velocity and produce faster insights.”

Server Visibility is also now generally available, enabling IT operations to proactively isolate and quickly resolve server performance issues in context of business transactions. Enhancements include: support for Windows servers; user interface upgrades, enabling drill-down to server metrics directly from the application flow map; and the ability to monitor servers that do not have an AppDynamics agent installed.

Finally, the newly available release offers 25 new extensions, including 19 for monitoring Amazon Web Services (AWS) components — which brings the extension count within the AppDynamics Exchange to nearly 150, enabling AppDynamics users to monitor an ever-growing roster of specific application and infrastructure components.

AppDynamics is hosting a webinar series in March on how to deliver an engaging user experience, featuring Kalyan Ramanathan, VP Product Marketing, AppDynamics and Gorkey Vemulapalli, Chief Architect and Director, Office of the CTO, Xerox.  Click here  to register.

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