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Cloud Partners

Adopt next-generation architectures in confidence

Strategic collaboration with leading providers creates greater visibility in a multi-cloud world

AppDynamic works holistically with leading IaaS and PaaS cloud vendors, collaborating across engineering, executive and implementation teams. This engagement results in stronger integrations and reduced visibility gaps across serverless, hybrid, cloud-native and multi-cloud environments. Enterprises can continue to deliver high-performant applications regardless of their scale or underlying platform diversity.


Maintain comprehensive insights as environments become more ephemeral

AppDynamics’ extensive range of award-winning integrations provides unmatched visibility into cloud-native technologies like microservices, containers and serverless preventing them from becoming a “black box” in an ever-changing cloud architecture.

Get a unified view across multiple cloud platforms

AppDynamics collects insights from all cloud providers and on-prem environments in parallel, and shows application behavior through both the customer and business lens. Understand interdependencies between cloud technologies and use that insight to develop a stronger multi-cloud strategy.

Partnerships supporting major cloud initiatives

Accredited by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an Advanced Partner (DevOps, mobile competency, migration), AppDynamics works with major IaaS and PaaS providers to help enterprises achieve migration, DevOps, cost reduction, re-architecture and agility goals.

Benefit from a Cloud Marketplace

Cloud providers such as AWS enable existing financial commitments that customers have made to be partly directed to other third-party technologies. This means AppDynamics purchase plans and time to value are accelerated.

Our Cloud Partners Include:

AppDynamics makes Wyndham cloud monitoring work

"We needed to make three clouds work together and we needed to be able to monitor them. With AppDynamics, we knew that the migration was following through as expected."

Scott Strickland, Chief Information Officer, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts