A proud part of the Cisco family

Our innovation, culture—and DNA—has always been driven by the success of our customers. We’re thrilled that Cisco has chosen to help accelerate this mission, and recognizes the AppDynamics platform as the future of business and application performance monitoring for the enterprise.

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A proud part of the Cisco family

AppDynamics Welcomes Perspica to Cisco

Perspica is known for its stream-based processing with the unique ability to apply machine learning to data as it comes in instead of waiting until it’s neatly stored. They also have expertise in domain-specific machine learning at scale, which means they can ingest and process enormous volumes of data. Couple these characteristics with AppDynamics’ core data model for Business Transactions and it opens up a world of possibilities for the scale and speed of our product.

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AppDynamics Welcomes Perspica to Cisco

Application performance management for today’s complex environments

Top enterprises all over the world trust our application performance management solution to help their teams focus on what matters most—that production apps always perform, even in the most complex multi-cloud environments.

Our intelligent, highly efficient APM monitors every line of code, and immediately provides the relevant information our customers need to quickly resolve issues, make user experience improvements, and ensure that apps always meet employee or customer performance expectations.

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Application Performance Management

Built on the AppDynamics App iQ platform

All of our performance management solutions are built on and powered by the App iQ Platform, developed over many years of understanding complex enterprise applications. The App iQ platform features six proprietary performance engines that give our customers the ability to thrive in that complexity.

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App iQ Platform

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