What’s New with Summer ‘16 Release

The AppDynamics Summer ‘16 introduces new performance engines, as part of AppDynamics App iQ Platform, to enable enterprises to deliver application performance that exceeds the scale, sophistication and velocity expectations of today’s customers. The App iQ platform, which is the foundation to AppDynamics’ customers’ success, is now extended to include a new performance engine, Microservices iQ to monitor, manage and optimize microservices architectures in enterprise applications.

Enable DevOps teams to shine a spotlight on your microservice with MicroServices iQ

  • Automatic discovery of entry and exit points of your microservice as service endpoints for focused microservices monitoring

  • Track the key performance indicators of your microservices deployed in elastic infrastructure, without worrying about the entire distributed business transaction

  • Drill down and isolate the root cause of any performance issues affecting the microservices

Isolate Microservice and application performance bottlenecks quickly with thread contention analysis

  • Automatically identify methods with blocking threads causing application performance bottlenecks  

  • Highlight blocking threads, blocking object, block time and the reference to the line of code for developers to resolve the issue quickly

Monitor application health alerts or event notifications and collaborate with DevOps teams using Slack

  • Automatically post AppDynamics alerts and events as messages to Slack channels using our new extension

  • Collaborate with DevOps teams around application health alerts or event notifications in Slack
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