AppDynamics is committed to providing strong levels of security assurance for our customers, our partners, and our community. Through the development of our cross-functional security program, our employees are working hard to ensure the security of  our software products and services and our systems that we leverage to operate our company.

Our goal is to ensure continuous protection that meets and even exceeds industry standards for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data entrusted to us by our customers. Our program has been externally reviewed for SOC 2 compliance and we continue to adapt to remain agile to new and evolving threats facing our customers and our company.  For more programmatic details and information about AppDynamics’ commitment to security, please reach out and contact your account representative or email us your inquiry at

Additional Program Details:


To provide customers with transparency and assurance about its security program AppDynamics undergoes annual SOC 2 Type II audits according to the guidelines established by AICPA in AT Section 101 and TSP Section 100. To request a copy of the most recent independent auditor report, please contact your account representative or


AppDynamics has developed model clauses consistent with the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC that cover the transfer of personal information outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).

For AppDynamics’ Privacy Policy, please see Please address any privacy-related questions to

Reporting a Security Issue

While we continually work hard to to prevent and remove vulnerabilities from our software,there always remains the possibility of their existence. If you believe that you have discovered a vulnerability in one of AppDynamics’ products, services, websites, or other infrastructure or to report a suspected abuse issue, please contact Upon receipt of your inquiry, our security team will triage and respond to your request. During this time, we ask for your cooperation on any disclosure surrounding the issue and working responsibly with us towards a common goal of protecting our customers.

We encourage using the AppDynamics Security team’s PGP/GPG key to encrypt communication.


AppDynamics utilizes SSL certificates issued by DigiCert, Inc. and all endpoints support SSL/TLS encryption. If you discover an endpoint that you suspect is impersonating AppDynamics, please let us know at