DevOps Monitoring

Collect and gather insights from traces, metrics and logs for your applications, customer experience and business outcomes to drive alignment across teams around a unified environment.

Automate faster, better quality delivery

Integrate AppDynamics in your DevOps processes to avoid manual errors and accelerate your deployments. Auto-instrument your applications, support infrastructures and services and leverage rich insights to shift left your quality assessment and prevent regression in production.

Gain a unified pane of glass with end-to-end visibility

From traditional to modern multi-cloud architectures, we have you covered with full visibility in your applications, infrastructures and supporting services. Ingest, tag and analyze your cloud and microservices telemetry in context with your application behavior, customer experience and business impact. Automatically instrument and monitor your microservices architectures to overcome the development and operation fog of modern highly distributed systems.


Better understand release impact with correlated app and business data

Integrate all your business, customer experience and application telemetry, including traces, metrics and logs. Make it simple for each team to get the data they need. Understand your application's user journey to improve delivered digital experiences and release impact on technical and business performance to drive better alignment and prioritization for your next sprints.


Drive collaboration with a single source of truth

Automatically monitor and baseline every metric with traces and logs that foster a blame-free, measurement-based environment to aid test, development and production process. AppDynamics provides each team a complete view of upstream and downstream services in the infrastructure to build an understanding of your application's architecture.


Promote DevOps wins

Build a compelling business case for your DevOps efforts, with real-time business and customer telemetry proving each release’s progress against planned milestones.

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"For us, because we’ve got a strong ‘DevOps' culture, and because the same teams are in charge of development and operations of the applications, the AppDynamics APM solution was really the tool we were missing to allow us to concentrate on upcoming work, in complete confidence... And when you work in a bank, confidence is a very important word."

Sébastien Tournay, Infrastructure and Operations Manager, BforBank (Crédit Agricole Group)


Your trusted partner for monitoring your DevOps success


Trust is at the core of what we do. We’re committed to protecting the integrity of your data and ensuring that AppDynamics Software as a Service (SaaS) exceeds your expectations.

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