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AppDynamics Cloud Native App Observability helps you fully observe your availability and performance up and down the stack to understand how your infrastructure impacts Kubernetes® and microservice health and performance.

DevOps tools that work harder for your business

AppDynamics Cloud Native App Observability identifies issues earlier in test, development, and production environments.

End-to-end visibility for cloud native

Overcome the fog of modern and highly distributed systems with full visibility into your infrastructures and supporting cloud services such as Kubernetes, Amazon EC2 and application microservices.

Better understand release impact with correlated app and business data

Easily provide each team with data that matters and understand the release impact on technical performance to drive priorities and improve business outcomes and digital experiences.

Streamline your DevOps pipeline

Real-time business, customer and technology telemetry shows each release’s progress against planned milestones, driving better alignment and prioritization for your next sprints.

AppDynamics puts your IT teams at the center of business success

"We converted hundreds of teams to agile methodologies. We embraced continuous delivery, automation, AIOps, and DevOps. And we engaged with technology vendors to help us identify the right way to bring everything together. "

David Wilson
Senior Director of Infrastructure and Architecture, Paychex (Crédit Agricole Group)

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DevOps tools that optimize your application performance