DevOps Monitoring Tools for Agile Development

DevOps monitoring tools enable data-driven decisions. Experiment with confidence and drive enterprise, team, and individual DevOps success.

Be certain that modern technologies that underpin your apps and DevOps adoption always perform

  • With over 150 extensions, be platform and cloud agnostic with the ability to monitor across multi-cloud environments including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Pivotal, and others.

  • Integrate and monitor your Docker container performance easily, to ensure that container technologies meet your needs.

  • Automatically monitor microservices deployed in elastic infrastructure, spotting thread contention issues, and their root cause immediately.

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Support a continuous feedback loop by understanding the business impact of your applications in real-time

  • Create a culture of ongoing improvement and openness by making it simple for teams to get the data they want for their role in the DevOps toolchain.

  • Understand who is using your app, where, and how, with visual user journeys to better plan application release and change cycles.

  • Easily compare every application release from a technical performance and business perspective, such as revenue generated per transaction, in order to improve continuous delivery strategy.

Use DevOps monitoring tools to improve collaboration and focus teams on one source of truth

  • Automatically monitor and baseline every metric in order to foster a blame-free, measurement-based environment that aids test, development,and production process improvement.

  • Put everyone on the same page with The Virtual War Room, which gives both internal teams and external partners, access to the same data, on the same screen.

  • Eliminate the guesswork with automatic correlation of app, infrastructure, and business data so that you understand the impact of every interaction.

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Promote DevOps team wins easily with monitoring tools in devops and secure ongoing investment

  • Build a compelling business case for DevOps monitoring tools across the enterprise, with real-time business metrics that you can rely on.

  • Capture and share deep-insights with diagnostic capabilities that provide detail into the behaviour of apps in pre-prod, test and production.

  • Create dashboards that showcase the technical or business benefits of every new release.

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"For us, because we’ve got a strong ‘devops' culture, and because the same teams are in charge of development and operations of the applications, the AppDynamics APM solution was really the tool we were missing to allow us to concentrate on upcoming work, in complete confidence... And when you work in a bank, confidence is a very important word."

Sébastien Tournay, Infrastructure and Operations Manager, BforBank (Crédit Agricole Group)


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