PHP Application Monitoring

PHP Monitoring Solution

AppDynamics is the most popular PHP monitoring solution today - simplifying the monitoring of DrupalWordPress, and other PHP applications. AppDynamics for PHP helps you arrive at the actual root cause of performance bottlenecks. Drill down into call stack traces and identify performance-related bottlenecks – even while running in a live production environment.

Visualize application performance in real time

Appdynamics allows you to automatically detect your application architecture, along with your own application servers, remote web service and database calls. Display your architecture in the Application Flowmap, and detect bottlenecks quickly and easily.

Understand performance like the way your end users do

Unlike many PHP management solutions, AppDynamics allows you to bucket and baseline your traffic into Business Transactions. Learn how end users are being affected when performance deteriorates.

Trend PHP performance over time

Understand application performance trends and create intuitive dashboards for management and other teams with AppDynamics' powerful analytics engine.

"One of the key advantages that we have seen from Business iQ is that it provides a vehicle for both business colleagues and IT colleagues to collaborate together around a single source of truth."

John Hill, Chief Information Officer, Carhartt


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