Web Application Availability Monitoring

Web Application Monitoring

While there are a number of web application monitoring tools that provide insights into your web applications performance, the network-based web performance monitoring tools are the ones that offer deep view into app performance. Web application performance testing tools help to load test your apps before you move them into production. However, many times these tools fail to identify and diagnose issues arising in your application code.

At AppDynamics, we enable today's software-defined businesses with smart, robust tools to analyze and optimize business performance—in production. It's more than simple monitoring, it's true Application Intelligence.

Key Benefits of AppDynamics:

  • Diminish Mean-Time-to-Resolution by almost 90 percent
  • Obtain total into your application architecture
  • Resolve all performance issues much before your end users
  • Easy and simple to install and use

AppDynamics can be installed in just a few minutes, irrespective of where your application resides - the data center, or the cloud, or both, Automatically detecting your application architecture and dependencies, AppDynamics provides you complete visibility of application performance no matter how complex the environment.

Deep code-level visibility

Drill down into individual call stack trace of a Business Transaction that will help you identify and troubleshoot any performance issues with AppDynamics' web application performance monitoring.

Proactive alerting

AppDynamics' dynamic alerting thresholds ensure that there is no worry of alert storming. Easily set up alerts based on infrastructure level metrics, Business Transaction and application.

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