AppDynamics is positioned highest in ability to execute and named a leader for the eighth time in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant

April 24 2020

Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for APM highlights the proven capabilities we’re uniquely positioned to deliver in a tech landscape that’s constantly in flux.

After a landmark year with an unparalleled rate of innovation, we’re beyond thrilled to announce that AppDynamics has been named a Leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring — for the eighth time. What’s more, our position as a Leader in the Quadrant comes with the added distinction of having been positioned highest in our Ability to Execute.

This news comes at a pivotal point in our trajectory at AppDynamics: We’re building the future of performance monitoring and AIOps while, at the same time, making it a reality by doubling down on execution. In a technology landscape that’s known for its rapid change, this is no small accomplishment.

Today’s technology organizations must figure out how to move at the speed of business while delivering world-class application experiences. It’s the scale of that challenge — and our unique position as a company to solve for it — that inspires us to help thousands of the world’s leading brands and companies around the world.

A Proven Partner to Future-forward IT Organizations

Today’s enterprise organizations must iterate with velocity to achieve the winning customer experience. But, it’s harder than ever to do that when silos still exist between traditional business, development and ops teams, and within an ever-changing technology landscape. What’s more, we’ve seen a fundamental shift in that applications no longer just support the business — these days, they are the business. So, when they fail to deliver, there are massive repercussions, regardless of the industry.

In this context, it becomes more important than ever for businesses to invest in a partner that’s recognized for the ability to execute in the largest and most complex application environments, across hybrid multi-cloud environments. And that’s really what makes this news so special — Gartner has recognized us for our ability to drive the change that organizations around the world need to deliver value and stay competitive. Specifically, the “Ability to Execute” distinction recognizes APM vendors who are strongest in product and service delivery, financial position, sales execution, and customer satisfaction. And we have massively expanded on that ability this year with a series of developments that further cement our leadership position:

  • Unprecedented product innovation. AppDynamics has accelerated our release cadence of critical new functionality to stay ahead of the needs of our customers, who in Gartner’s customer reference survey expressed a high level of satisfaction. Gartner recognized our improvements in scale and performance, monitoring for serverless functions and Kubernetes, enhanced AI/ML-based anomaly detection, and new dashboarding and search capabilities. The report also noticed our market differentiation in real-time monitoring and analysis of business performance metrics through Business iQ — which was rated highest among all vendors surveyed for the report — and our ability to visualize application topologies, track users and journeys through business transactions, and provide monitoring for SAP (ABAP code) and for the instrumentation of custom code.
  • Major strides in execution against our vision for the Central Nervous System for IT. When we introduced our vision for AIOps in January 2019, we knew businesses needed a more holistic and correlated view across their entire data stack to keep pace with ever-increasing user demands. Since then, AppDynamics has delivered a series of releases that address the need for next-generation, enterprise-grade APM with the help of industry-leading product innovation and strategic partnerships that integrate adjacent technologies. This includes our investment in a zero-friction install process to simplify agent deployment.
  • Accelerated and enhanced global reach. Building on these strengths and Cisco’s global scale, we’ve been able to accelerate our reach to Agents of Transformation at major enterprises around the world. By leveraging Cisco’s global salesforce, making significant investments in emerging markets, growing our integrated partner ecosystem, and producing an unrivaled number of marketing initiatives and events, AppDynamics has brought business-critical solutions to an expanding list of the world’s most recognized brands.

As a result, our impact on IT organizations and the businesses they drive has been astounding.

As we help to break down silos and facilitate cross-enterprise collaboration worldwide, it’s clear why AppDynamics is considered unmatched in our ability to execute — particularly in a world where application loyalty is the new brand loyalty, and where customers no longer forgive or forget poor digital performance.

We’re honored to be uniquely positioned as part of Cisco to partner with the world’s leading technologists and most innovative enterprise organizations to reimagine their applications.

This latest endorsement from Gartner further validates our vision. I couldn’t be more proud of our team, or more thankful to our customers, for making our vision a reality. And, in 2020, I’m confident that together, we’ll push the boundaries of innovation even further.

Danny Winokur
Danny Winokur is General Manager at AppDynamics.

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