AppDynamics helps Media Customer solve Production Slowdown

Whilst disrupting the APM marketplace is a primary objective for AppDynamics, our ultimate goal is to help customers manage applications performance and solve real world problems using our software. Our unique visibility allows customers to fully understand how their business transactions execute across their infrastructure, so when they slow down, our customers know the where, what and why . I reached out to our customers over the last six weeks and asked them to document how our X-Ray visibility has helped them solve real business problems. The best submission each quarter wins a brand new MacBook Air with runners up receiving t-shirts.

The winner this quarter came from an Media and Entertainment company in the US. Once again, the X-Ray below was documented by the customer and it shows how AppDynamics was able to solve a performance issue in production that had hampered their application for over two years!

Slow SQL – A Usual Suspect

Ask any developer to name a few common performance bottlenecks and 99.9% of them will say “the database” as their first answer. Ask a DBA the same question and 99.9% of them will respond “crappy application code.” If we put aside the mutual love between each party, it’s actually worth looking at why they arrive at different conclusions.

First of all, it’s very easy to make any application or SQL query perform fast in a dev environment, especially on a developer’s desktop. Why? The two things that impact query performance are data volume and user/transaction concurrency, both of which typically don’t exist in dev environments when unit tests pass. Computing power these days is also silly fast and cheap with desktop cpu and memory helping any dev environment mask potential performance bottlenecks.