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September 07 2022
Today’s cloud native technologies and development practices amplify complexity. And the rapid transition to hybrid and multi-cloud environments is contributing to the growing complexity of infrastructure and applications, according to 451 Research. This shift often results in silos of monitoring tools, which amplifies the challenge of pinpointing root causes of...

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March 30 2022
OpenTelemetry is the technology that enables the future of observability. Cloud service providers, observability vendors and end-users are collaborating to create a vendor-agnostic and portable standard for metrics, events, logs and traces (M.E.L.T) that turns the collection of telemetry into a commodity. At AppDynamics, we are excited about OpenTelemetry. We...

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August 17 2022
When it comes to application performance, monitoring is the measurement of “known” unknowns — for example, measuring load, CPU and disk space. But what monitoring doesn’t account for is the “unknown” unknowns, like new metrics created by deploying, shifting and updating Kubernetes clusters in the cloud, a growing list of...

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