February 07 2023
The rising cost of global cybercrime is expected to drive a nearly $200 billion spend on data security and risk management products this year¹. Not a huge surprise considering how complexity across remote work configurations and cloud-based application delivery models can promote risk. With heightened public awareness around data privacy...

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March 15 2023
In February at Cisco Live 2023 Amsterdam, Cisco AppDynamics announced contextual trace visualization and Red Hat® OpenShift® Kubernetes® for AppDynamics Cloud, which we discussed in the AppDynamics Cloud introduces contextual troubleshooting and cloud mobility capabilities blog. Seamless Grafana dashboard visibility The complexity of cloud native applications, depending on call-by-call interactions...
March 08 2023
In late 2016, after tracking and projecting internet usage for a decade, Cisco announced a major networking milestone as global internet traffic finally reached the Zettabyte threshold analysts had been anticipating. It was a big deal and a key indicator of the looming importance of data. On the heels of...

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August 17 2022
When it comes to application performance, monitoring is the measurement of “known” unknowns — for example, measuring load, CPU and disk space. But what monitoring doesn’t account for is the “unknown” unknowns, like new metrics created by deploying, shifting and updating Kubernetes clusters in the cloud, a growing list of...

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