Retailers Struggle to Keep Applications Running for Shoppers

Retailers are bracing for their biggest holiday season to date with Deloitte predicting that holiday retail sales will top $1.10 trillion this year, a 5 percent growth from 2017. And it’s eCommerce retailers who have the most to gain – or lose – after the Thanksgiving leftovers are put away. Deloitte is predicting eCommerce sales […]

Magento and Retail: The Open Source Storefront

In the mid-1990s, online shopping took the world by storm with the launch of eBay. These days, the average brick-and-mortar retailer has invested just as much time and planning into its online sales as its floor sales, and many startups skip the physical storefront altogether for a bright and shiny online retail outlet. Well-developed software […]

How Node.js Revolutionized the Retail Space

In a crowded world of popular computer languages, platforms and ecosystems, Node.js is one of the hottest. According to, Node.js usage has gone up 241 percent in the last year alone. Retailers have taken notice and are implementing it on many levels. I am going to share the basics of Node.js, and discuss why […]

Top 5 Retail Performance Metrics You Should be Monitoring

Hopefully, by now you’ve recognized the vital importance application performance has on your bottom line. In retail, specifically, this is extremely apparent. Unfortunately, all too often we see some big online retailer have an outage during a peak period. Whether that’s on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or a special product launch, retailers can’t afford any […]

The Relationship Between Software Performance And Retail Success

As customers’ demand for a convenient, seamless, and personalized digital shopping experience reaches critical mass, there’s been a magnifying focus on the technology underlying the entire process. Retails everywhere are becoming customer-obsessed, investing in innovations such as omni-channel, IoT, and geo-fencing. What’s being overlooked, however, is the performance of these applications. The software applications providing […]

Back-to-School Retail Web Site Performance Analysis

It’s somehow time to mark the end of summer with Labor Day weekend. And with that time, comes the rush we remember well as Back to School season. As most students are already back or soon to return to school, we decided to look at some major retailers and how their back-to-school special websites performed […]

3 Reasons Why An App Is Not Enough For Success In Retail

Today is an exciting day in my career at AppDynamics so far, because we have just released a report called “An app is not enough – a new research report for software-defined retailers“. It’s the result of a lot of hard work by the EMEA marketing team in which we surveyed 4018 smartphone and tablet […]

How IT can redeem itself from critical outages

In my previous post, I discussed how AppDynamics Application Analytics can rapidly troubleshoot gradually degrading apps. In this blog post, I’ll discuss how IT can redeem themselves from unfortunate outages leveraging ITOA or application analytics. With so many factors impacting application performance today, it is not surprising that applications frequently are either slow or simply […]

How Retailers Can Have a Successful Black Friday [INFOGRAPHIC]

Partnering with, we wanted to see exactly how e-commerce sites prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and how those preparations led to the success (or lack thereof) during the busy holiday season. One stat that jumps out at me is extremely telling: “Those that had a site performance troubleshooting process in place were […]

How Black Friday and Cyber Monday Were Saved with Performance and Monitoring Tools

Ah, the holidays. A great occasion to spend quality time with your family, eat a little too much, and indulge on the fantastic shopping deals. Online shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday account for a critical chunk of a retailer’s yearly revenue. Any downtime or abnormal slow performance will directly impact the bottom line […]

Don’t Let (Application) Performance Ruin Your Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s day. Are you a believer or a begrudger who categorizes the day as commercialism merely designed to empty our pockets? Regardless of where you fall on the skeptical scale, according to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey, we’re going to spend almost $19 billion painting the day red. […]