A Look Back at AppSphere 2015

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since AppDynamics AppSphere 2015, seems like it was just yesterday. Once again held at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, AppSphere 2015 had over 1,500 attendees from the world’s top enterprises and included speakers from Pearson, The Hut Group, Xerox, Expedia, Red Hat, and several others leading the way in digital transformation.

Along with several insightful sessions, one of the highlights for me was the panel on the future and challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT). Featuring speakers from Tesla, Garmin, SmartThings, Red Hat, and moderated by our own Prathap Dendi, the discussion covered the challenges and pain points for IT organizations as IoT devices become a larger part of our everyday society.

Another key highlight was hearing from Peter Gott, Head of Barclaycard Technology Delivery at Barclays, discuss how they use AppDynamics to monitor their applications through a DevOps release cycle. Tasked with aggressive goals and facing the challenges of mobile banking becoming the leading touchpoint, Gott talks about their latest technological releases to increase the revenue stream for Barclaycard. His story and specific use cases show the power of how moving to digital can transform any industry. 

This year is shaping up to be even bigger and better than last year! Some excellent speakers have already been announced with even more just around the corner. We’ve also listened to your feedback and have created all new dedicated hands-on labs to further sharpen your skills.

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Industry Insights: My thoughts from AppSphere 15

Stuck in Vegas for two weeks, longing to be back home, it was a trial of might and perseverance. The first week was spent at AppDynamics AppSphere, and the second at the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference. (Look for a post next week on the Gartner conference.)

The second annual AppSphere drew 1500+ attendees, doubling the 2014 attendance. There was lots of passion and wonderful user engagement, but most importantly lots of exciting product announcements. The change from 2014 to 2015 was noticeable and impressive.

Having spoken at the first AppSphere on behalf of Gartner and feeling the energy at the conference, the momentum and acceleration one year later was apparent in the content, scale, and depth of the conference. In 2015, AppSphere expanded from one track to four tracks, and there was a large increase in customer and partner speakers. Product announcements included Browser Synthetic Monitoring, Server Infrastructure Monitoring, and new enhancements for session management, the C/C++ SDK, and many new AWS extensions. The most surprising feature customers were excited about was the ability to tie log messages automatically to the transactions that generate them, providing context that has been missing in the ITOA industry.

On the sessions side, there was a highly engaging customer presentation from HBO. John Feiler, senior staff engineer, provided insight on the challenges of video streaming at scale. AppDynamics was used to correct issues before the season five premiere, and is used through the application development and operations lifecycle. This ensures a high quality viewing experience for all customers (including me).

Other great sessions included Pearson’s Mike Jackson and Tim Boberg. Pearson is a global leader in learning, and they use AppDynamics across the enterprise, serving over 1.3 million daily logins via over one billion page views every two months. Pearson was challenged in providing a standard way to see and monitor across many different technology stacks. Their tool of choice is AppDynamics.

BarclayCard’s Peter Gott explained how they were able to remove silos and get the organization to modernize and share data effectively using AppDynamics technologies, working across a highly variable technology stack and ultimately greatly improving user experience and uptime. Barclaycard has many more digital initiatives, including wearables and new mobile payment technologies, where AppDynamics plays a key role.

There were many other compelling and informative sessions. I wish I could have attended more of these —  the audience loved hearing from customers, as did I!

There were also two great panels. I was honored to chair the microservices panel, featuring product managers from Red Hat, Microsoft, Google, and a heavy microservices user, DreamWorks studios. My colleague Prathap Dendi led a panel on IoT, which was particularly interesting, featuring customers from Garmin, Tesla, and SmartThings. Our partner Red Hat also participated in the IoT panel.

Partner participation included RedHat, Microsoft, Trace3, Bigpanda, Apica, ExtraHop, Capgemini, Scicom, Column Technologies, Moogsoft, xMatters, Electric Cloud, Neotys, Orasi, and mainframe partner DG Technology Consulting. We thank them and look forward to working with all of our existing and new partners throughout 2016.

We are looking forward to another record breaking AppSphere conference in November 14-17th 2016, we expect to once again double attendance, fingers crossed.

Greetings From AppSphere 2015! Day One Wrap-Up

AppDynamics AppSphere 2015, our second annual worldwide user conference, got off to a rousing start with a day jam-packed with exciting announcements, great presentations by an impressive roster of client companies, and exciting interaction with partner companies, AppDynamics engineers, and our valued clients. If you’re not here, I’m sorry you’re missing out, but here are the highlights of day one.

For starters, AppSphere is more than twice as big as our first conference last year. We have more than 1,500 registered attendees; 1,000 will participate in training over these four days. Our partner companies have sent 300 attendees — a testimony to the rich, deep ecosystem AppDynamics has created. Today I talked to clients and partners from all over the U.S., the Netherlands, Brazil, and the UK, and  I talked  to reporters from the U.S., Mexico, and Japan. And that still leaves about 1,480 people I haven’t talked to yet!

The enthusiasm of this big crowd is palpable, and understandable. These are the people who are at the forefront of the massive shift to digital taking place in every enterprise, in every industry. And they recognize that AppDynamics is one of their most valuable partners to help them succeed in their transformation.

Debut of the AppDynamics Winter ’16 Release

Day one started with a review by AppDynamics leadership of the trends driving business today, encapsulated in two words — ‘digital transformation’ — and what that means in terms of business strategy in general and software strategy in particular. From the everywhere bank that people carry on their phones to the Maasai in Africa conducting business on mobile phones, from connected cars to connected health care, ‘software is eating the world.’ And we’re in the thick of it.

AppDynamics was created specifically to serve the software-driven world. As our Founder Jyoti Bansal reminded us, our mission from the start has been to “ensure that the software applications today’s businesses depend on always deliver the expected business outcomes.” But the word we’re already outgrowing is “today’s.” Because the solutions we’ve created and are creating are also designed for the digitally defined businesses that are taking shape for tomorrow, too.

That posture was dramatically communicated as Jyoti and Chief Technology Officer Bhaskar Sunkara presented the new AppDynamics Winter ’16 Release (4.2), an across-the-board update to our Application Intelligence Platform focused on providing even greater support to enterprises engaged in digital transformation initiatives. It gives the clearest picture yet of users and their journey as they interact with applications and websites. It provides more comprehensive end-to-end views of application performance, across code and infrastructure, in context of business transactions. And it draws the connections between application performance and business performance with actionable insights that can improve business outcomes.

Among the specifics that Jyoti and Bhaskar announced for 4.2: Browser Synthetic Monitoring, User Sessions, Server Infrastructure Monitoring, MongoDB Monitoring, C/C++ support, dramatically enhanced Application Analytics, and more than two dozen new extensions. Read more details in our separate Winter ’16 blog post.

All-Star Clients and Partners Sharing Their Stories

The leadership presentations and the debut of the Winter ’16 Release were followed by two general sessions.

The Future of Enterprise IT, presented by Amazon Global Head of Enterprise Strategy Stephen Orban, focused on the shift from infrastructure to innovation. Orban’s enthusiasm for the cloud is unabashed, cultivated over a career that included Bloomberg and Dow Jones before arriving at AWS. The provocative question he posed was, “What if you could devote 30% more resources to your customers?”; those are the resources reclaimed by moving infrastructure to the cloud. His enthusiasm also extended to AppDynamics’ cloud migration support, calling it “one of the most effective tools to help manage data migration.”

From Code to Customers: The Digital User Journey, by Barclays Head of Barclaycard Technology Delivery Peter Gott, looked at the conversion in the financial services industry from a six-sigma point of view to a customer experience point of view. The industry is leveraging the important technology trends — self-service in the cloud, microservices, DevOps — to gain the responsiveness, speed, and efficiency needed to deliver satisfying customer experience. Not surprisingly, AppDynamics delivers the visibility, agility, cloud access, and DevOps collaboration needed to successfully create and sustain a customer-centric model.

The rest of the day (until the closing panel discussion)  was devoted to breakout sessions, led by an all-star cast of clients and partners. We heard from The Container Store, Expedia, DigitasLBi,, Pivotal, Comcast, IHS, and NTT, as well as a number of AppDynamics experts.

The day finished with an engaging panel discussion on “Microservices as a Requirement for Agile Software-Defined Businesses,” led by our own Jonah Kowall, vice president of market development and insights. Panel members from Red Hat, Google, Microsoft, and DreamWorks were unanimous in their endorsement of microservices as one of the most important trends impacting development and operations, hand-in-hand with containerization — although it is not without challenges, particularly in terms of data access and integrity as microservices rapidly proliferate and interact. The panel was stacked in favor of microservices, but nonetheless, it’s clearly a trend that’s creating major impacts.

It’s hard to imagine how day two can top, or even match, the excitement and breadth of day one. But we might be surprised. I’ll recap tomorrow. Meantime, let me close with my favorite quote, posted on the conference app by August Azzarello of The Container Store: “Only AppDynamics customers are confident enough to send their IT staffs to a conference on Cyber Monday!”

AppDynamics and Accenture/Avanade Celebrate Partnership Milestone at AppSphere 2015

AppDynamics and Accenture/Avanade are celebrating! We’re capping off the third year of our partnership by recognizing that both Accenture and Avanade have achieved Elite Partner status—AppDynamics’ highest level of partner recognition.

Our partnership is founded on the common drive to deliver exceptional client results, pairing world­-class technology with world­-class consulting. The AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform together with Accenture/Avanade offers not just “best-­of-­breed,” but rather, “best-­in­-show” business value to the Global 1000. Accenture’s Performance Engineering practice and Avanade’s Microsoft­-focused service lines are two areas where visibility into the heart of the application is essential.

Today’s enterprises want business metrics delivered in real­-time, know the customer better, fix defects in production faster, and improve overall customer service. Being in the code is key to achieve this, which includes code that is deep within the backend app server, middleware or database, as well as the code closer to the end­-user running on their browser or mobile device. If you can’t see the entire journey, you are not customer-­centric.

Avanade, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft, is just one example of how we are working together to provide customers with a world­-class application environment. Avanade specializes in helping customers exploit the full value of a wide range of Microsoft technologies as well as their own offerings. A few areas AppDynamics has been successful teaming include SiteCore digital platform solutions, Duck Creek solutions for the insurance industry, Hybris e commerce solutions and their new Digital Marketing Managed Services offering. To help their customers ensure the highest application performance, Avanade is providing clients with the option to utilize the AppDynamics platform to better monitor, identify, and resolve issues before they impact business operations both before and after production “go-­live.” In the end, clients not only get an innovative solution, but one that is easy to manage and troubleshoot upon conclusion of the engagement.

We are already looking ahead to a brand new year of partnership and the growth that comes from providing our customers with the power to innovate successfully. In the meantime, as new Managing Director of the Global Avanade/Accenture relationship, I’m personally excited about welcoming the clients and team members of Accenture and Avanade to AppDynamics AppSphere. Welcome to Vegas!

AppSphere 2015 kicks off with exciting partner events and announcements

Hello Partners. It’s AppSphere!

Less than six months since I joined AppDynamics and I can’t wait to fully immerse myself in the hype centered around AppDynamics AppSphere™ 2015 ‒ all because of our awesome set of stakeholders including employees, customers, AND partners.

In that time, I’ve worked with rock star partners ‒ and the pinnacle of this will be in Vegas, where we will have TRIPLE the number of partner and sponsor attendees at the extravagant Cosmopolitan. Rolling out the red carpet, Matthew? Done!

Here’s a highlight of what our partners can expect:

Besides our partner-friendly attitude, I’m excited to announce key partners who are showing up BIG at our event, including Red Hat, Microsoft Trace3, and Capgemini.

For a full listing of our partner breakout sessions, please visit our agenda as you build your schedule for what’s going to be an awesome week in Vegas!

Red Hat is an AppSphere 2015 Diamond Sponsor and Keynote for the Partner Summit

With AppDynamics AppSphere™ 2015 less than three weeks away, our lineup of awesome speakers, presenters, customers, and partners continues to grow stronger each day.  I’m thrilled to announce that Red Hat will serve as our lead sponsor for our second annual AppSphere in Las Vegas. As a Diamond Sponsor, Red Hat is coming to AppSphere in a big way!

“With Red Hat and AppDynamics, our customers at AppSphere will see the ADVANTAGE of our growing collaboration,” says Matthew Polly, Vice President of Worldwide Alliances and Business Development for AppDynamics. “Application development solutions and AppDynamics Application Intelligence are complementary—offering customers and developers the ability to efficiently develop powerful applications.”

Red Hat provides customers with open source tools and platforms to develop Java- and cloud-based applications. And AppDynamics, helps to optimize these applications for performance. John Bleuer, Vice President, Global ISVs and Alliances at Red Hat agrees. “Enterprises want applications that deliver exceptional performance at every phase of the software development lifecycle. By integrating AppDynamics’ Application Intelligence with OpenShift and Red Hat JBoss Middleware, developers have access to the visibility to help them develop and release high-performance applications.”

Our growing relationship with Red Hat will be a centerpiece of AppDynamics AppSphere™ 2015 .  Highlights of Red Hat’s presence in Las Vegas include Red Hat Keynote at AppSphere Partner Summit, Breakout Sessions about Red Hat and Microservices, and panelists on our Internet of Things and Microservices Panel.

See you there!

Platforms and Performance for the Next Generation of Applications

AppSphere Partner Summit Keynote

Monday, November 30

9:15 AM – 10:00 AM

Rob Cardwell, Vice President, Application Platforms Business Development


Application platforms are rapidly evolving to keep pace with innovations like containers, mobility, and microservices that are rewriting the rules for application developers. The ability to manage application performance has become a more critical driver for not just running the data center, but running the business. In this session, learn how AppDynamics and Red Hat are partnering to address this dynamic market. Explore how partners can leverage the AppDynamics-Red Hat relationship to develop go-to-market strategies that will give partners access to new buyers within your accounts, increase margins, and meet your customers’ needs of what’s next in application development and performance intelligence.

Manage Your Microservices with Red Hat OpenShift and AppDynamics

Red Hat Breakout Session

Tuesday, December 1

2:00 PM – 2:50 PM

Chris Morgan, Technical Director for the OpenShift Partner Ecosystem

chris morgan pic.png

Come join this session demonstrating how you can use OpenShift, Red Hat’s Docker and Kubernetes-based platform for managing your devops environment, combined with the power of AppDynamics, to deliver a complete next-generation application environment for your enterprise. In this session you will see live demonstrations and learn how OpenShift’s orchestration and AppDynamics application monitoring combine to provide a seamless solution for driving your software development lifecycle while also providing insights into the health and effectiveness of your applications.

Internet of Things Panel

Tuesday, December 1

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM

Dr. Bob Callaway, Director Solution Architecture, Internet of Things, Red Hat

Bob Callaway

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the transformation occurring across less connected intelligent devices towards software driven and attached devices. As IoT grows, new use cases and businesses will emerge, requiring an agile development and operations approach. Today Gartner estimates the IoT touches 5 billion devices, but is expected to grow to 25 billion devices by 20202. This results not only in scale issues, but also increased demands on infrastructure and applications. Join Dr. Bob Callaway, Director of Solutions Architecture, IoT at Red Hat, with others as we discuss general IoT market and adoption trends, business/technology challenges for IoT, and key management issues for IoT.

Red Hat will also participate on our Microservices panel and host an invite only happy hour for joint customers. Haven’t registered for AppSphere yet? Use code REDHATCUST50 to receive a discounted pass by clicking here. 

Bonus: See Chris Morgan from Red Hat talk about the partnership with AppDynamics

AppDynamics Expands AppSphere 2015 Speaking Lineup and Introduces New Peer-to-Peer Best Practice Networking Event

Less than a month away from AppDynamics AppSphere™ 2015 and we still have so much more to share! We’re excited to announce an expanded keynote lineup, and our Birds of a Feather roundtable networking event, along with the rest of our jam-packed agenda at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, November 30 to December 4.

In order to give your organization the best competitive advantage in the software-driven world, AppDynamics is bringing the market-driven thought leaders of the application intelligence industry to the main stage for the second year in a row.

Adding to our existing list of all-star keynote speakers from the world’s leading technology influencers, we are very excited to introduce Amazon Web Services’ Global Head of Enterprise Strategy Stephen Orban, as well as Chief Technology Officer Hugh Fahy of THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP, part of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, to the roster, which includes keynote speakers David Kirkpatrick, author, journalist, and CEO of Techonomy Media; and Scott Hanselman, principal program manager lead at Microsoft.

Orban’s session will present a pattern that has emerged organizationally and architecturally in enterprises that are using the cloud to meet their objectives. Session attendees will gain an actionable model for accelerating their organization’s success in the cloud.

Fahy’s session will explain why a shift from hierarchical service management to holistic customer experience management is vital, and will give examples of dashboards, monitors, and metrics required in a customer-centric NOC.

Following our theme of “Advantage,” we’re giving you another channel to gain the best leverage in your market with Birds of a Feather. It’s our inaugural peer-to-peer best practice-sharing networking lunch to spark dialogue, networking, ideas and more with like-minded industry colleagues. We’re focusing on bringing together some of the cutting-edge verticals in the industry today, including FinTech, Digital Entertainment, and SaaS at Scale.

  • The FinTech session will invite leaders from the financial services industry to come together and discuss how emerging technologies are being embraced and deployed across their technology estates, including cloud transformation, mobile innovation, and how blockchain technology is transforming the future of digital banking.
  • The Digital Entertainment session will provide a forum for discussion about the transformation that technology has driven in the entertainment industry over the last decade, as well as the new technologies and capabilities that enable the seamless user interaction this new paradigm requires.
  •  At the SaaS at Scale discussion, attendees will examine how technology leaders have transformed traditional B2B and B2C businesses into SaaS businesses, as well as takeaway points centered on scaling and building highly performing SaaS solutions.

Sign up to attend Birds of a Feather on our AppSphere mobile app, which will be launched prior to the conference.  Spots are limited so we can ensure your best conversations.

You’ve registered for AppSphere 2015, right? Don’t miss your chance to hear from our all-star keynote speakers, meet your industry’s peers, and much more (also, Vegas)! Register here!

Get an Advantage at AppSphere 2015 [Video]

We’ve been working hard at the office these days to gear up for another year of AppSphere, the ultimate technology and business conference for the software-defined world. Along with the best in thought leadership, training, and networking in the industry, expect to take advantage of more than just lessons, but insights on how to implement the best business and technology in the market.

Speaking of which, our theme this year is “advantage”. We’ll be focusing on enabling businesses to bring a competitive advantage and drive success to their organizations. Attendees have the chance to explore the future landscape of Application Performance Management through interactive sessions and demos, live on-site workshops, and complimentary training. Join and gain valuable takeaways from the industry’s thought leaders, including our partners at Docker, Tesla, and Microsoft, to name a few.

At AppSphere 2015, you’ll be doing more than just learning about AppDynamics. You’ll be understanding how to apply its cutting-edge technology and services to your business. Don’t miss your chance to engage on some of the key trends transforming IT as we know it, such as the effect of mobile performance, the Internet of Things, the power of application analytics, adopting a DevOps approach, and more.

You may have read our earlier announcement of this year’s round of speakers, but hear from Joe Sexton, our President of Worldwide Field Operations, as he shares a special message on why you should be at AppSphere 2015 in Las Vegas from Nov. 30 – Dec. 4. We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

Get an Advantage at AppSphere 2015 from AppDynamics on Vimeo.

AppDynamics AppSphere 2015 Speaker Roster Announced

AppDynamics AppSphereTM 2015 is just around the corner! We’re so excited to bring you a second year of the best Application Intelligence thought leadership, influencers, and training to the main stage at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas on Nov 30 to Dec 4.

AppSphere_2015_email_agenda_septemberThe theme for this year’s AppSphere is “Advantage.” We’re focusing on enabling businesses to bring a competitive advantage to market and driving success to their organizations. Attendees will have the chance to explore the future landscape of APM software by taking part in interactive sessions and demos, live on-site workshops, and complimentary training. Join and gain insights from topics around SaaS at scale, mobile performance, business data analytics, working towards a DevOps structure and much more.

In addition to comprehensive trainings, the conference will showcase an all-star cast of speakers and panelists from some of the world’s leading companies, such as Docker and Tesla. Panelists will discuss cutting-edge technology like the Internet of Things, and how companies can integrate application performance solutions to deliver an exceptional end-user experience.  

We’re very excited to announce the latest in AppSphere’s showcase of all-star speakers and panelists from some of the world’s top influencers in technology:

  • David Kirkpatrick, author, journalist, and CEO of Techonomy Media is scheduled to speak on Thursday, December 3 at 9:00 AM. His keynote will highlight how integral technology is essential to the success of a company, in addition to discussions on future trends and challenges affecting AppDynamics customers. Customers will be encouraged to join the stage and participate in a panel discussion.
  • Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager Lead of the Microsoft Developer Division, is scheduled to speak on Tuesday, December 1 at 11:15 AM. His presentation will concentrate on JavaScript and the rise of the new virtual machine. Hanselman will dive into the evolution of programming languages by exploring the relationship between the Cloud and the Browser, looking at both the current state and the future of what is next. A long time web developer, Hanselman works for Microsoft as the Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools.

Our latest addition of speakers will be joining existing presenters like our CEO and Founder, Jyoti Bansal and CTO and SVP of Product Management, Bhaskar Sunkara. You can find a complete list of AppSphere 2015 speakers here.

It’s going to be five exciting days of integrating technology and innovation to connect, build, and disrupt the growing software-defined world. Make sure you register for the Application Intelligence and Performance Management show of the year–we’re looking forward to meeting you there! More information and registration can be found here.

AppDynamics AppSphere 2015 is just months away, let the countdown begin!

Mark your calendars for Nov 30 – Dec 4

When we were planning our first user conference last year, we knew AppSphere would be special, but it was even more incredible than we had imagined.

We hosted hundreds of attendees from over 350 companies, 20 countries, and countless disciplines and backgrounds. But, it wasn’t just the sheer size and diversity of attendees that made it a landmark event: AppSphere 2014 was the first time AppDynamics had the opportunity to bring our worldwide community together in one place at one time. Attendees discussed how they are using our products to change the way they monitor their mission-critical applications; what trends they saw on the horizon; and what products and companies are making an impact on how business is being done in our ever-evolving, technology-driven world.

If you were there, you probably remember what a noteworthy event AppSphere 2014 was. In case you missed it, you can check out the highlights here:

This year, we’re excited to do it again, but bigger, better — with even more focus on bringing you the game-changing information you need to win in an increasingly competitive market.

AppSphere 2015 will be held at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas from November 30 – December 4 with three conference days and two days of free end-user training and we want you to join us.

Whether it’s through exclusive access to AppDynamics’ executives and engineers, hands-on training sessions, keynotes from industry innovators, information-packed breakout sessions, or peer-to-peer networking, you’ll leave with the intel you need to optimize your business in a software-defined world.

By attending AppSphere, you’ll also be the first to hear about the projects and product developments that the AppDynamics engineering team has been working on. Last year, AppDynamics CEO Jyoti Bansal gave a roadmap presentation where he unveiled new product features, including our Virtual War Room and Application Analytics.

Attendees will also have the chance to engage 1:1 with our engineers and see live demos of new and existing features in our Developer Lounge. When you add in free live training* (we’re offering over 13,000 hours of training this year!), the ability to engage with our partners to hear their insights on real-world infrastructures and workflows, and sipping a few cocktails during our party at Marquee, you’ve got a conference that will make the most of your time out of the office (with a side of fun thrown in!). Need to justify the trip? Let us help you Convince Your Boss.

As we continue to nail down the details for AppSphere 2015, we’ll be making some exciting speaker announcements, so check our agenda page for updates.

Want to get involved in AppSphere 2015? We’re also seeking breakout speakers — if you have an interesting success (or failure), practical how-to, proven best practice, or effective new approach to share, we would love to hear from you. Fill out our Call for Papers here.

Register now to save your seat and receive $200 off! 

We’ll see you in Vegas!

*Each attendee is guaranteed one on-site training session at AppSphere with their registration.