Javascript: Beyond Just Web Apps

The age of computers is over. You are now living in the age of intelligent processing by just about everything else. Like vacuum tubes and tape drives, desktops and laptops are on their way to becoming odd relics of a distant age, if people remember them at all. That may sound a bit extreme, but […]

Comparing the 4 Most Popular Client-Side JavaScript Frameworks

The world of JavaScript frameworks continues to evolve at a fever pitch. Early tools like Mootools continue to thrive while new players like AngularJS and EmberJS burst onto the scene and make significant inroads quickly. Even newer frameworks are appearing on the horizon. In this article, you’ll get an overview comparison of popular client-side frameworks […]

The Benefits of Migrating from JavaScript to TypeScript

Recently, we moved our Browser RUM agent from JavaScript to TypeScript. In my last post, I focused on walking through the steps of migrating from JavaScript, the challenges, and best practices we uncovered along the way. This one will focus on more details of the benefits and one missing feature in TypeScript compiler we suggest to […]