WWT is Taking AppDynamics from the War Room to the Board Room

One question has loomed in the minds of CIOs and enterprise technology leaders for years, “How is  our investment in technology and software, impacting the success of the enterprise?” As advanced technology has helped mature this question over the years, organisations have sought to better understand the importance of technology and applications, and how these […]

Voices of Unified APM—Part 2

Expanding Initial Deployments The value of unified APM is fully realized when the solution is deployed throughout an organization’s entire environment. However, many of our customers told us that they were able to achieve significant benefits by starting small.  This approach not only provided clear justification for wider use, it also helped convince engineers throughout […]

Voices of Unified APM—Part 1

Application performance monitoring or APM means a lot more to companies today than just identifying and resolving application errors. IT leaders attending AppDynamics’ Global Tour in San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York, and Dallas described how APM has evolved into unified monitoring and become a kind of central nervous system for their companies, keeping track of […]

“Understand the Secret Sauce” and Finer Points About Business Transactions and Evolving APM

On this planet, water is essential. Air is essential. And I could argue that for APM, Thomas Tammann’s “10 Tips for Every New AppDynamics Customer” is essential. While his “Top 10” doesn’t carry the same life-dependent intensity as sun to earth, it is core to success for modern APM. I’ll set the scene: London, AppD […]

Using DevOps to Deliver the Best User Experience

In a session at AppSphere 2016, Blackbaud presented “How Blackbaud Transformed From On-Prem to SaaS Through DevOps and AppDynamics”, where Blackbaud shared the challenges and benefits of moving from an on-premise model to an SaaS-delivered model. They also discussed how DevOps best practices, along with the support of AppDynamics, allowed them to establish trust between […]

United Airlines and Real-time Business Monitoring

Flying out in front One of the world’s largest airlines, United Airlines, has an impressive history of using one of humankind’s greatest innovations — the airplane — to serve people. On April 6, 1926, pilot Leon “Lee” Cuddeback flew a Laird Swallow biplane flew from Boise, Idaho, to the railroad mail hub at Pasco, Washington, […]

From Code to Customers, how Barclays uses AppDynamics

In the age of digital transformation, customer experience is the ultimate battleground. Every sector is striving to cater to their customers in effective and convenient ways. Therefore, the need to understand these customer journeys has never been more vital than it is right now — your company needs to provide the digital services yours users […]

Jostle Workplaces Work Better Thanks to AppDynamics Application Intelligence

This blog post is based on the Jostle case study I recently had the chance to catch up with Teg Ryan, director of technical operations at Jostle — an award-winning Vancouver-based software design firm. Jostle’s primary objective is to build “a radically better intranet” for every customer, where workplaces are incredibly vibrant and productive. The […]

London School of Economics Gains Improved User Experience with AppDynamics

This blog post is based on the London School of Economics and Political Science press release published on September 15.  This week, I had the chance to learn about an exciting new partnership we kicked off with the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). LSE is a world-renowned institution that serves approximately 9,600 full-time […]

Q&A: How The Container Store uses AppDynamics for Continuous Testing

Last week, I had the pleasure to host and co-present with August Azzarello from The Container Store in a webinar titled “How The Container Store uses AppDynamics for Continuous Testing”. In this webinar, August explained how they have taken application performance management (APM) one step further by embracing APM in their development lifecycle, enabling their […]

DIRECTV tunes in to AppDynamics Application Intelligence

Read more about DIRECTV’s work with AppDynamics in the full case study here. The more I’m learning about application intelligence, the more I’m realizing the competitive advantage that our customers gain with AppDynamics. DIRECTV is one of the world’s leading providers of digital broadcast entertainment, providing a premium experience in television through cutting edge technology […]

Introducing the AppDynamics Customer Advisory Council

What is AppDynamics Customer Advisory Council? Customer Advisory Council (CAC) is an in-depth, hands-on experience here at AppDynamics. We envision our customers as power users and want them to experiment with our latest products, features, and ideas before we raise the curtains. We strongly believe that a tight feedback loop between our product teams and […]